1. Promote healthy minds, bodies, and spirits. Use or adapt one of these ideas created by nurse Sandy Gaskin and Nurse Practitioner, Lauren Guengerich. Walking to Bethlehem Exercise; Meatless Mondays and Mock-a-ritas. Consider a volunteer or paid congregational/community nurse. Parish nurse ministries.
  2. Break out the BBQ grill for a Tailgate Tuesday to serve your community. Check out LuMin @ U.T. Austin. Each week, 300 - 350 Longhorn students are fed. Truly "all are welcome". Word on campus is that LuMin is a place of acceptance of all people.
  3. At U.T. Austin, 1 in 3 students lack resources for meals. Do you have food-insecure folks in your community? Create a church food pantry to feed the food insecure in your community.
  4. Tutor children in math or reading to help them live into their potential.
  5. Create an environmental team to educate your community, conduct energy audits, and/or promote sustainable living practices
  6. Place containers of homemade soups or homemade bread in the church refrigerator. When people need care, deliver soup or bread.
  7. Leading always starts with a connection with the Divine. Use these spiritual practices in your church or community groups to sit with God and practice diversity and inclusion. (See #1 - Walking to Bethlehem Exercise, second page)