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Leadership Net
Inspiring creative ways for lay and rostered leaders to carry God's love into the world
“Leaders can lead us in the right or wrong direction.  Moral leaders stand out because something in their legacy stirs us toward love, compassion, justice, or humility.”
David P. Gushee and Colin Holtz, Moral Leadership for a Divided Age
Please share this newsletter with congregational council members and key lay leaders of your congregation. The meditation can be used in small groups or as an individual
Meditation and Practice
Leaders come in all forms. Some, natural and well known. Others, quiet with smaller spheres of influence.  Leaders mature when their abilities are developed through mentors, classes, seminars, and you-tube videos. Our world has no shortage of opportunities to develop these skills. 

The church can provide this training as well, but the church has one important treasure to offer, infusing leadership skills with a Gospel centered focus on love. This changes lives. God's vision empowers us to lead from a place of compassion, justice and love.

For Reflection: Center yourself by reading a favorite Bible story or passage. After a time of centering, reflect on the following questions by journaling your thoughts or sharing them with others.
  • In your congregation, who do you admire? How do their gifts inspire compassion, love and justice?
  • Do they have faults? Does this affect their leadership?
  • Do you consider yourself a leader? What are your gifts? How do your gifts influence your family, church, the world, your workplace, or the environment?
  •  What are your faults?   What do you need to confess?
  •  Which gifts has your congregation recognized in you? How are you called to use these gifts to meet a world need?

Advocating for Our Lay and Rostered Leaders
Council members of any congregation are invited to attend one of the following zoom council orientation sessions to learn about the mission of the synod, gain leadership tips and meet leaders from other congregations.
Save one of the following Dates:
February 16 - 7 pm
February 18 - 10 am
February 19 - 4 pm >
Grant Opportunity for Rostered Leaders

Austin Seminary offers two-year, $10,000 grants to small groups of pastors to pursue a self-designed program for renewal, vitality, and pastoral excellence. Here is a link for more details: Austin Seminary Grant Opportunity for Rostered Leaders

Austin Seminary wants to support ministers in their callings. Staff will work with potential applicants to complete the application process.

The application deadline is May 12, 2023.
Common Threads of
Servant Leaders
Abraham Lincoln worked to end slavery. Mother Teresa ministered to the poor. Harriet Tubman led people to freedom. Pope John Paul II encouraged the dignity of life. Florence Nightingale transformed medical care. Ida B Wells-Barnett changed our thinking about lynching. Elie Wiesel encouraged us to remember victims to prevent new tragedies. Malala Yousafzai fought for the right for women and girls to be educated.

You may or may not lead like them, but I would guess a common thread you share with these leaders is that the seeds of love have been planted in you by your faith community.
Natural Callings

  • Know your strengths and limitations. You can stumble if you move outside your area of expertise.
  • Don’t overlook gifts. We all have natural gifts and sub gifts. Which of your gifts are you overlooking?
  • Leadership may be forced on us before we are ready.
  • You don’t know everything. Travel to understand people and culture. Keep learning. Leaders adapt to change.
  • Words can change the world. Some leaders are quiet, scribbling powerful words in a notebook.
  • It is never too late. Your actions today may better define your actions tomorrow.
Connections and Culture  

  • Movements are larger than one person. They include allies and unlikely allies. 
  • Avoid talking down to people. Diverse dialogue is necessary.
  • Practice self-care so that you can be kind to others. You need others to sustain your well-being.
  • Don’t underestimate young people. They may pose answers that shake up the status quo.
  • Your message is heard by more people when you improve your communication and listening skills.
  • Responsibility changes you. You will not remain the same person as you protect and care for others.
An Assortment of Resources
Young Adults in Global Mission

The ELCA Young Adults in Global Mission program invites ELCA young adults ages 21-29 for a transformative, year-long journey of international service.

To learn how you can support Young Adults in Global Mission visit their sponsorship page here. The deadline to apply to be a YAGM is Feb. 1, 2023. 

Trinity Leadership Fellow

Trinity Church Wall Street, an Episcopal parish in New York City, invites you to apply to be a Trinity Leadership Fellow. Join a diverse cohort of emerging leaders on a two-year journey of faith-inspired, values-driven, and community-oriented learning and mentorship.

This non-residential, the free program will prepare professional and community leaders who are people of faith, as well as ordained leaders across faith traditions with the mindsets and practical skills they need to energize and empower their congregations and communities to heal divides and disrupt injustice.

Applications are due January 31, 2023