We are a Spirit-Empowered Synod made up of faithful congregations. Each congregation has a story to tell of where God's Spirit is active and alive. What is your story. Here are just a few examples. Share your story with Rebecca ([email protected]) and it will be included in the next newsletter.

Food pantries are a common sight in many congregations, serving people with food insecurities. As you listen to the needs of your neighbors what other resources can you offer?

Being loved and respected is a gift many congregations offer to our youngest little ones through preschool education.

MacArthur Park and San Pablo in San Antonio have agreed to share in ministry together, sharing facilities, financial resources, and shared ministries initiatives.

St. John-San Juan in Austin, under the leadership of Pastor Lea Walker Clark is reimagining a multicultural and bilingual ministry.

San Lucas and Eagle Pass Frontera Ministries serve migrants and asylum seekers and border immersion experiences.

Pastor J Mills is working with congregations who are considering their future whether it leads to rebirth or resurrection. Lord of Life in Austin closed their ministries but left a financial legacy to the synod to continue to work around the synod.

Technicolor Ministries under the leadership of Pastor Katy Miles-Wallace is providing learning opportunities around the synod advocating for our LGBTQIA2S+ friends.

Austin's Shepherd of the Hills, women held a retreat in Gonzales. Urban and Rural came together. A tour of a chicken farm led to conversations about immigrant workers and their value to farmers, ways of practicing environmental stewardship, and entrepreneurial opportunities through the gift of land. A stay in the local hotel and conversations with local businesses enlightened the women about the difficulties of small businesses.

Two events have been sponsored by JustSisters in Austin. Congregations were invited for conversations about difficult issues on abortion and black male experiences. Stories were told from both sides of the issue, followed by listening/discussion groups. God's Spirit was active as stories were shared and hearts were changed. These conversations will continue to bring more folks together to learn and understand one another.

Where are the needs in your community?
Who are partners that could bring a diverse set of gifts to address the need?
Listen, God's Spirit is calling!