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This Leadership Team Newsletter is published every two weeks by the Dean's Office in the College of Health at the University of Alaska Anchorage.

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October 10,  2013
Alumni Association Board Meeting

Rachel Morse with Alumni Relations wants the COH to be the "lead" college for their board meeting on November 4th. The meeting will be in the Allied Health Building, Room 203. The group will first tour the Simulation Center then begin their meeting at 6:30. Rachel is looking for presentations on items we might want to "highlight." The Dean will do an overview, but is looking for a few Leadership Team members who can join him to talk about exciting and/or innovative things occurring in their unit. It might even be possible to have students talk about projects, etc. Please contact Bill Hogan with your ideas.
Call for Articles

Northwest Public Health, a publication of the University of Washington School of Public Health, invites article submissions for our Spring 2014 issue. What are the opportunities and challenges that health care reform presents for public health? How can public health practitioners participate in health care reform in ways that benefit communities?

Northwest Public Health is a regional publication that is primarily produced for those who practice and support public health in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming.

If you are interested in submitting an article, please e-mail a proposal to Candace Tkachuck, Managing Editor.
Academic Decision Review Committee

In response to concerns voiced over the past two years, we have made some changes to the structure and procedures of the COH Academic Decision Review Committee (see COH Formal Hearing Procedures). The flowcharts (informal process, formal for grades, and formal for denial or dismissal of admission) are largely based on those created by Susan Kalina's office, and reflect the procedures outlined in the UAA Student Fact Finder and the BOR policies. Having a student complete a form to request a formal hearing helps to organize the information as the process moves ahead, as well as requires that the student understand and articulate the problem.
The following is a summary of the changes this year:
  1. COH will have a standing committee each year (rather than ad-hoc). The full committee will consist of one member from each department, plus an alternate. Larger units, such as the SON and AHS, will be asked to provide two members.
  2. There are two co-chairs, and either one can chair a hearing. This helps to eliminate any problems related to conflict of interest or availability.
  3. A subset of the full committee will be formed to hear individual cases. This smaller committee will consist of five voting members and may be determined based on availability, avoidance of conflict of interest, and/or type of program involved.
  4. Students requesting a formal hearing must now complete the form Request for Formal Review. Students will be able to obtain this form from our website or obtain a hard copy from the Office of Advising and Student Advocacy in PSB 101, or in the Dean's office (PSB 205).
  5. Russ Pressley will serve as student advocate. Any student who wishes to request a formal hearing should meet with Russ before proceeding.
  6. Susan Kaplan will contact each instructor and student before the hearing, explain the hearing procedures, and answer any questions about the process. Susan serves as a neutral party and does not attend the hearings.
Curriculum Committee

The College Curriculum Committee will meet Wednesdays, 12:00-2:00 PM in PSB 213. Submission deadlines for committee review are 9:00 AM Mondays, the week prior to
the committee's review.

Reviews of curricular documents follow guidelines in the UAA Curriclum Handbook (the latest revision is June 2013). The committee identified the issue of duplication of courses across academic units. The Interprofessional Education Committee has a preliminary listing of courses which may be duplicated across academic units. This listing is not complete but is an initial attempt to identify courses where the opportunity for interprofessional education exists. Identifying existing and new courses for interprofessional education will continue during this academic year.

Unit Updates
Center for Human Development (CHD)


CHD welcomes 2 new staff:

  • Lynn Kenney will be working with our Partners in Policymaking program to increase self-advocacy skills for individuals and families.
  • Anne Paley will be working with our Complex Behavior Collaborative and Building Capacity in Autism

Karen Ward, Roxy Lamar, and Jenny Miller presented at an AUCD National Webinar titled "Overcoming the Challenges to Conducting Research with Individuals with Intellectual Disability." The CHD team presented on Representative Samples on September 23, 2013.

Jenny Miller, CHD LEND Training Director and assistant professor Department of Heath, represented
the Alaska LEND during the HRSA-funded Western States Genetics Collaborative Regional Summit in Seattle.
Department of Health Sciences

Ashley Marquardt, faculty from the Department of Health Sciences MEDEX PA program, was named Alaska Physician Assistant of the Year 2013! 

Each year, the Alaska Academy of Physician Assistants (AKAPA) Board of Directors recognizes the outstanding services of an Alaska-based Physician Assistant with the PA of the Year award. This prestigious award is presented during the annual AKAPA membership meeting from nominations received prior to September 15.
School of Social Work


The Child Welfare Academy (CWA) has been awarded a new grant to provide technical assistance, development and training to Child Advocacy Centers (CAC) and Multi-Disciplinary Teams (MDT) in Alaska, to assure that each entity has the tools and expertise to meet the needs of children who have been maltreated and their families.



Upcoming Events/Deadlines

  • October 14 - UAFT P & T evaluations due to dean and faculty from chairs/directors 
  • October 15 - Faculty development & research travel grants due to OAA
  • October 19 - UAFT P & T reviews/binders due to dean's office
  • October 24 - Leadership team at Center for Human Development.  Rachel Coulter, Human Resources Development Manager for Alaska Child & Family Services, will be addressing the LT from 10-10:30.  
  • October 28 - Sabbatical requests due to OAA  
  • November 15 - UNAC non-retention notices to 2nd year tenure-track faculty
  • November 28-29 -- Thanksgiving holiday
  • December 5 - UAFT P & T files due to Dean's office
  • December 25-January 3 - Christmas & New Year's holiday
  • January 6 - UNAC P & T files due to Provost
  • January 13 - Spring semester begins

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