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What is LTI, you ask?  
A one-of-a-kind training experience!
Leadership Training Institute (LTI) is a premiere program
for leadership development for professionals in the parks & recreation field.  It is an exclusive opportunity to expand their awareness, involvement, and potential for growth.  This 2.5 day program is designed to enhance the talents of, and renew a sense of commitment among current and emerging leaders in the field.  
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ends November 13, 2017
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LTI - class of 2018!
Meet JoAnn Auger...
. .. a coach, consultant & sought-after speaker. 
With 30+ years of leadership and people development experience,
she understands the power of a fully-engaged leader.

Much of the past 20 years, JoAnn's work focused on supporting leaders in creating & integrating effective habits that are needed for successful, engaged leaders & teams.  She has worked with multiple leaders in private and public sector as well as community non-profits. 

Join JoAnn, and the rest of the LTI class of 2018, for  Opening Session...
..."Just Who I Am" - a look at YOU - 
through the Myers Briggs 
Scholarships are available for the Leadership Training Institute.  
Applications are available online and must be submitted electronically before close of business January 15, 2018 .   

Applicants will be notified of their award status prior to the regular registration deadline of February 1, 2018

Meet our 2018 LTI committee...
Featured in September: 
Although she began working full time in Parks & Recreation in 1984 in Frederick County, VA, Cindy has been the Director of the Town of Herndon Parks and Recreation - a nationally accredited department -  since 2007!  In between, Cindy worked at Montgomery County, MD for almost 10 years before heading back to VA in 2003.   Throughout her career, involvement in VRPS has been at her core - - having served in numerous capacities, including as President in 2012.
What's Cindy's favorite part about the field of Parks & Recreation?   "The variety in our work that allows us to introduce people with diverse interests and backgrounds to the joy of parks and recreational pursuits in the way that they best identify and connect."     The challenging part of the field, though, has been accepting that not everyone will be motivated to recreate, no matter how enticing, exciting, and engaging we try to make our programs and services.   
Because LTI was such a rewarding experience for Cindy in 1987, she immediately asked to serve on the LTI board, which she did from 1989-92 and was excited to rejoin the LTI committee this year.  LTI was one of her first experiences with VRPS and an opportunity to both make long lasting professional connections and begin to develop her personal leadership framework. 

April 15-17, 2018
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