Leadership Transitions
Executive transitions can take many forms, and their success (or failure) can have a lasting impact on a nonprofit's staff and mission. In this issue of our newsletter, we’re sharing transition advice and resources, and learning from transitions done well.
Jeff Brown, President and CEO of The Julian Center, entered his role as interim CEO in early 2020. He led the organization through the challenges of an executive transition and the Covid-19 pandemic. Our VP, Erica Poff, talked with him about how he navigated the change.
The type of executive transition influences the challenges involved and the ultimate strategy the board will adopt to manage the search process.

Erica Poff, CAE, MA, PMP, IOM; VP of Talbott Talent | Published in Associations Now
Searching for a new executive director requires more than putting an ad on a job board. Here are four tips to help your association undertake an effective search with the help of an executive recruiter.

Bite-Sized Bits of What's Rocking Our World Right Now
Last summer, I caught an Indianapolis Business Journal interview with Angela Freeman, where she shared valuable advice regarding hiring biases with Mason King.

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Hiring the right person to lead your organization is one important step in a transition; acclimating them to their new job and organization is another. Designed to provide ongoing support to our search clients after candidate placement, our onboarding process shortens your new executive’s learning curve and helps retain momentum through your transition.
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