Summer | Issue No. 3
Dear Fellow Georgians:

Your courage and communication have inspired me.

Thank you for your support and your encouragement during this time of unprecedented tensions and uncertainty.

It takes immense commitment to call forth and stand for a new kind of leadership.

I do not take your support lightly.

We have witnessed and experienced much as Americans over the past short months. Groundwork must be laid to initiate the necessary infrastructure for recovery. The work of our nation -- the business of our nation -- is still the work and business of our nation. The data shows small businesses are the backbone of the U.S. economy. Now, more than ever, small businesses need to be supported, restored, created -- and developed.

Small business development centers all across Georgia can begin the groundwork needed to support the development of small business and entrepreneurship it will take for stimulus recovery.

I am committed to supporting leaders and providing the leadership it will take to grow the small business strength our nation needs -- through the establishment of small business development centers in rural, exurban, suburban, and urban communities of Georgia. It is time for finance and investment support to reach all of our small businesses and entrepreneurs, especially in our under-served communities.

Our Georgia farming industry and transportation industry are comprised of some of our most critical small businesses. I am excited to have conversations within the various regions of our state to discuss how the data of Georgia's farmers and infrastructure stakeholders can be collected, communicated, and circulated to the U.S. Senate committees and sub-committees, to impact public policy in Georgia -- by including their data. The data they see and know will make the difference.

Our intention: that the work we are doing during this Special/General election cycle, and the communications that get send out to you and others, be of immense value -- that the work and the communications be a resource for you, your family, associates, organizations and communities you care about.

Our partnership with Advocacy America is our commitment to you, our fellow Georgians, that our leadership will be here for you through -- and beyond -- election cycles.

We see it will take a new kind of leadership with leaders across our state to lay the groundwork that establishes a reliable, sustainable framework -- the infrastructure -- for the 21st century.

As a nation -- we have yet to do that work. We are interested in providing the kind of leadership -- and developing the kind of leaders and leadership -- that has this foundational work for the 21st century be accomplished over the next five years . The time is NOW.

Being a candidate for United States Senate -- and being a United States Senator -- is one of the most powerfully effective opportunities I see I have in my lifetime to realize that kind of work being accomplished for my country and for my fellow Georgians.

Our Constitution is still unfolding. To whom much is given, much is required.

Thank you again for your support -- stay strong, safe, and well. Keep the encouragement, and the exchange of information and ideas coming!

May God be with us all,

U.S. Senate Candidate
Special Election

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