Leadership for the Digital Age
March 2019 Edition
Tom Spahr -The Home Depot
VP Talent Management & Development

Thoughts from
"Leadership for the Digital Age"

Panel discussion 2/26/19 hosted by
Talent Connections, LLC and Career Spa, LLC with Turknett Leadership Group

"Digital transformation - digital must be embedded in the strategy - the work of all leaders - a strategic imperative. Everyone needs to understand the long term plan. Our CEO at ADP does town halls, blogs, etc. - constantly answering - where are we going?"

Tywana Minor. Sr. HR Director, ADP
" The kind of leader we need today to fill a key opening is no longer the SME (subject matter expert). Leaders need humility, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence. They need to ask good questions in staff meetings and allow the team to find the answers.They no longer should be the 'go to person/SME' with all the answers, but someone who can lead and inspire the team to find the solutions. "

Thomas Spahr, VP Talent Management and Development, The Home Depot
"Why is digital transformation getting so much play? Before, technology was for operational efficiency - now a strategic lever - allows a company to compete differently"     

  • We have the ability to push out content better than ever - that doesn't mean people are learning
  • To learn to really develop, people need information PLUS action, need to apply immediately
  • Learning in the future will be on demand, socially driven, adapted to you
  • We don't need more content - we need technology that supports real learning""
Larry Mohl , CEO, Jubi, Inc.
Message from Tino

Other than the word “redacted” it seems like “transformation” must have been the most common term used in sentences in 2018. I say this with no scientific proof, but after all this is my piece for the newsletter so please read on.

In the book I am currently reading, “The Digital Transformation Playbook”, David Rogers whittles down the essence of transforming business into five key focus areas: competition, customer, value, data, and innovation. TLG team members concur. Read More....

What Are We Reading at TLG?
Tino Mantella
President & CEO TLG

by David L. Rogers

 "Competition, Customer, Value, Data, Innovation...five key focus areas to transform business. I'm listening to this on audible and went old school with the physical book, too""
Marty Gupta
VP Strategy TLG

by Neil Perkin and Peter Abraham (2017).

"The authors describe what it means to be a digital-native organization and the comprehensive changes required to make this transformation. I especially liked the chapter on Agile Strategy & Planning. "
Lyn Turknett
Co-founder & Co-chair Turknett Leadership Group

"I found these magazine articles very interesting..."
Human Resources Executive June 16, 2018

Harvard Business Review January 2018

"Emphasizes that leaders will more and more need the skills that only humans bring - soft skill"s 
Always "On" in the Digital Age
Should Employees Have a Right to Disconnect?
Patricia Thompson, Ph.D. Senior Consultant Turknett Leadership group

Earlier this year, a “Right to Disconnect” bill was proposed in New York , modeled on a law in France. If passed, it will make it illegal for employers to expect employees to respond to emails or texts during non-work hours. Although it remains to be seen how this proposed law could be applied to individuals in a range of industries and jobs, it still raises some interesting questions for employers.

When it comes to work, electronic communication can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, it provides greater flexibility with respect to when and where you do your work. Therefore, in theory, it should make it easier to balance your work and your life. Unfortunately, however, research shows that this form of communication also increases the expectations that leaders have with respect to staying in contact with their employees. Because employers know that it’s easier to take your work home with you, workers often end up with bigger workloads and more hours spent working per day.
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Stand Out as a Leader: Less Stress, Higher Energy, More Confidence""

featured speaker Adele Wang,
Transformational Mentor
“WIL inspires me each and every time I attend... with at least one or two nuggets that make me a better leader. 

But more than that, WIL has created an amazing environment that has helped me better define what being a successful woman looks like for me and I use that knowledge every day.”

Karyn Mullins, President of Healthcare Staffing Technologies
(a Jackson Healthcare company)

Turknett Buzz
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Announcing Partnership with Jubi

Jubi is an experiential learning platform that allows leaders to learn by doing. The partnership between Jubi and TLG is exciting because the principles practiced and taught by TLG have already had profound impact on so many great leaders and now to have the opportunity to deploy those practices and principles at scale through the Jubi platform could truly help to transform corporate culture. Jubi.com
  L arry Mohl CEO Jubi
Wesley Woods Foundation

to honor Bob & Lyn Turknett
March 28, 2019
Ms. Lyn & Dr. Bob Turknett
Co-founders and Co-chairmans, Turknett Leadership Group

Recognized for their commitment to assuring our community's leaders lead with character and ethics while promoting mental health advocacy for all

TLG-attends dinner hosted by Consulate General of Japan ( left to right)Takashi Shinozuka, Robert Johnson, Tino Mantella, Bob Turknett, Bob Hope, Larry Callahan, Alex Gregory, Craig Lesser
TLG Consultant & WIL Founder Susan Hitchcock with Agnes Scott group at International Women's Day Breakfast

TLG attends Veterans Empowerment Organization (VEO) Gala at Georgia Aquarium
Kathy Igou, Tino Mantella, Nancy Cranford. Guess who won the Big Green Egg?
TLG "Behind the Scenes" Staff Spotlight
Michael Sessions, PhD
Senior Consultant
Turknett Leadership Group

  Dr. Michael Sessions is a licensed psychologist with extensive coaching and consulting experience. He has coached hundreds of senior leaders, including the C-Suite, across more than 50 organizations and has consulted with dozens of leadership teams in almost every type of industry.

But what you don't know about Michael may help explain why he is such a sought after coach and is able to connect so well with clients:

Musical: He has played in the same rock'n'roll band for 30 years...admits playing the same songs over & over
Traveler: Passport stamped in 13 countries
Multi-Lingual : Can confuse & befuddle native speakers in three languages, four if you count English.
Acting Credits : Played the part of Sky Masterson in high school senior musical production of Guys & Dolls
Handyman Talent: None. Son of a Georgia Tech engineer and only one of three children who can't hammer a nail straight.
Physical Fitness: Has closed all the fitness rings on his Apple Watch for 73 weeks in a row!

TLG is honored to say that Dr. Michael Sessions has been a
Senior Coach on our team for over 20 years.
TLG is also proud of the results Michael helps his clients
achieve individually and for their organizations.

And we are all looking forward to hearing his band.
2310 Parklake Drive, Suite 500, Atlanta, GA 30345 (770) 270-1723 admin@turknett.com
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