Board Governance Best Practices and Committee Roles Post Pandemic
Join NonProfitConnect and governance expert Susan Meier for this two-part interactive webinar on learning how to step up your board’s effectiveness post pandemic. The pandemic isn’t in our rearview mirror quite yet, but our leaders need to be looking forward to be intentional about where we go from here. What lessons have we learned through Covid that are influencing how we will function in the weeks, months, and years to come? What kind of board do we wish to be: a transactional board or more of a strategic board? And how might we move from one to the other? Do board members truly understand the difference between governance and management….and do their actions align with the great governance practices? PPP loans kept many nonprofits afloat in 2020, but what will we do without them now?
In the second session we will identify the nuances of high performing committees. Which committees do you really need? Which ones are functioning at a high level and why? We will explore these issues, and many more.

Tuesday, November 2: 12:00pm-1:30pm EST.
Topic: Becoming a great board post Covid and lessions learned

Tuesday, November 16: 12:00pm-1:30pm EST.
Topic: Nuances of High Performing Committees

Location: Virtual via Zoom

Audience: Board and staff leaders

Susan Meier, Principal at Susan Meier and Associates, LLC and Senior Governance Consultant with BoardSource, brings over 30 years of governance and nonprofit experience to her work. From 2004 through 2011, Susan served as the vice president of consulting and training for BoardSource, the nation's premier governance resource for nonprofit organizations. She works collaboratively with nonprofit executives and board leadership to identify governance challenges and opportunities and to implement proven strategies to address a broad array of governance issues.
Much of Susan’s work has focused on increasing board engagement, the board/staff partnership, and addressing culture and dynamics in the boardroom. Her 13 years as a senior executive at Prevent Child Abuse America have given her concrete experience in understanding the complex and unique challenges of federated organizations and structures. Susan also has extensive experience in facilitating sensitive and important conversations and in helping boards build on their strengths to become higher performing boards.
Susan has served on a number of boards of directors and currently serves as Vice Chair of the Ripon College Board of Trustees. She graduated cum laude from Ripon College. She is the author of the BoardSource publication The Board-Building Cycle: Finding, Engaging, and Strengthening Nonprofit Board Members, Third Edition.

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