ABM Franchising Group’s Leadership Series takes a unique look at leadership and focuses on ways to lead effectively during a variety of leadership scenarios, including during times of change and hardship.

Those of you who have participated in ABM Franchising Group's Leadership Training will recognize the information below. We encourage you to use these skills that you have learned to serve as a leader and role model to others. For those who have not participated in our leadership training, we are sharing this information as you may find it useful for the current situation.

The Sitkin-Lind Six Domains of Leadership model used in ABM Franchising Group's Leadership Training is very helpful in times of crisis. There are practical ways of utilizing the model when communicating with your employees, customers, and families about the COVID-19 situation.

The most important leadership domains to express, exhibit, and nurture during a time of crisis are relational, inspirational, and supportive. Using the specific words and phrases listed below in your communications will convey the intent of these domains, and is the fastest and most practical way to inject them into the leadership you provide.