Newsletter May 2020
The Heart Of A Leader: In Crisis Workshop & Module
The difference between leading from hurt and leading from heart is not what you’ve experienced or are currently experiencing, it’s what you do with that pain and hurt.”
 - Brene Brown, Dare to Lead
"As a leadership coach working with both churches and businesses, I’m seeing that connecting with hearts could just be the most important issue that God is revealing to us during this COVID crisis. He’s revealing it as a need for this season and as a need for any season because he designed us for this. But I also strongly believe that it is a practical need for any organization going forward because of the need to build deeply cohesive leadership teams that can adapt the organizations to a new and ever-changing future. The workshop and materials that Wellspring has put together seem to be so well-designed to help meet this need."
John Purcell | Transform - Leadership Coaching
The Battle Process in the Czech Language & Equipping Leaders
Here are a few testimonies sharing the impact on those who attended that event:

"I think in those three days I found the root of my crisis of faith and in this safe environment found hope that my situation has a solution and most importantly, that I won’t be alone in it all."

"I sensed God communicating, in a very intense manner, that my heart is very precious. That a battle is fought over it. I knew this rationally, but now this conviction goes deep."
"Several times during the reflection I realized crucial things. It encouraged me, liberated me from excessive regret that paralyzed me; at the same time I could humbly submit my struggle to God, with my defeats and my striving."

"I have hope and confidence that through this process God and my group will help me grow into living more wholeheartedly and overcoming more of the obstacles that stop me from living that way… I consider this the start of a very significant time in my spiritual life."
How does COVID potentially impact your registration?

We will follow an alternate cancellation policy while COVID is a factor. In the event a retreat is cancelled because of social distancing or other COVID-related issues you will be contacted with a choice of refund or rollover of retreat fees or an alternate delivery option designed to help your team move forward in the Battle process. For all other cancellations our standard policy is in effect.