August 31, 2022
Jessica Anschutz of the Lewis Center staff offers tips for planning relaxing, spiritually renewing retreats. Use these seven tips to ensure your next retreat is meaningful for all participants.

What can we learn about congregational revitalization, Fresh Expressions, and evangelism from the Methodist Church in Britain? Lewis Center Director F. Douglas Powe Jr. interviews Trey Hall, a Methodist pioneer, church planting strategist, and evangelist.

Jaye Johnson says a congregation that is clear about who it is must say “no” to ministries that are inconsistent with that purpose. While this can be painful, it is essential to releasing new energy for mission.

The Right Question
Leaders do not need answers. Leaders must have the right questions.
Peter Drucker liked to ask two questions he considered important and that even successful people often cannot answer.

Do you know what you’re good at?
Do you know what you need to learn so that you get the full benefit of your strengths?

Discovering God’s Future for Your Church is a turnkey tool kit to help your congregation discern and implement God’s vision for its future. This comprehensive resource guides your church in discovering clues to your vision in your history and culture, your current congregational strengths and weaknesses, and the needs of your surrounding community. Discovering God’s Future for Your Church includes engaging videos, leader’s guides, discussion exercises, planning tools, handouts, diagrams, worksheets, and more.

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Vital churches provide ways for people of all ages to grow in faith through learning. These 50 tips and strategies can help your congregation build a strong program of Christian education for adults.

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By Lovett H. Weems Jr. and Tom Berlin
Communities need a vision of ministry that focuses on changing people’s lives. Absent that vision, ministry will fail. Bearing Fruit provides leaders with the tools they need to assess the fruit their ministry bears in the lives of their congregation, their community, and the world.

“Quotable” Leadership
The gospel of Jesus Christ is always at risk since it must invariably assume some cultural form in every time and place. Because of the limitations of all cultural forms, the variability of the gospel depends on its mobility of moving out of old forms into new ones. Peter J. Paris
Video-based Adult Christian Study
In this 10-session video-based adult study, Dr. Craig Hill makes eschatology —- the study of the “Last Things” — and the book of Revelation understandable to laypeople and experts alike. In God’s Time avoids the extremes of pulp fiction and high scholarly debate and instead opens up the entire Bible — encouraging Christians to take seriously the hope of God's ultimate victory.

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