September 14, 2022
One in every three churchgoers has not returned to in-person worship services since the pandemic. Tricia K. Brown offers ideas for ministering to members of your congregation who have not yet returned to in-person worship.

In-depth Interview with Rebekah Simon-Peter
When do things go back to normal? How do we get people (back) to church? How do we do more with less? Jessica Anschutz interviews Rebekah Simon-Peter, who calls us to the next normal as she explores what it means to invite people to church as spiritual community and to do more with less.

How can shared leadership develop the next generation of leaders? Lee Kricher explores the importance of shared leadership when developing a pipeline of new leaders.

The Right Question
Leaders do not need answers. Leaders must have the right questions.
Adam Grant tells about Daryl Davis who played piano at many country music venues. Often, he was the only Black person present, and sometimes was among people with racial prejudice. When things got tense in those situations, Daryl used a question he first remembers using the first time he experienced overt racism. When he was 10 years old and marching in a Cub Scout parade, white spectators started throwing things at the kids. His question:

How can you hate me when you don’t even know me?

For an upcoming free webinar, we are collecting information about how the pandemic has affected worship services. In this brief survey, we would be grateful to you for sharing how your church fared during this time. Many thanks in advance for your participation!

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Strong and growing congregations typically have a very high percentage of people who are actively involved in learning, serving, and leading. 50 Ways to Increase Active Engagement offers tips to help you lift up the ministry of volunteering in your congregation.

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More Church Leaders | Stronger Church Leaders helps clergy and lay leaders discover a more fruitful way of being in ministry together. The video tool kit provides practical strategies to identify and support new leaders and build and maintain effective ministry teams.

“Quotable” Leadership
Do the work that is nearest. Charles Kingsley
Video-based Adult Christian Study
Take an in-depth look at the book of Psalms with Journey through the Psalms, an eight-session video-based study that is ideal for your congregation's online and in-person small groups, adult Bible studies, and Sunday School classes. Through study of the Word and insights gained through the arts, Journey Through the Psalms invites us to approach God with the same honesty and intensity as the ancient Psalmists.

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