Fall greetings to our friends in the ROI Search Group community!

We are about 8 months into the constantly changing situation from the COVID-19 pandemic. It is continuing to put some challenges into our day-to-day life around the world. Although filled with uncertainty, ROI Search Group understands that we are all navigating a “new normal”, and our hearts and thoughts go out to each and every one of you.

Despite the challenges, there has been good things happening as we recover from this pandemic. There have been an increase in new jobs. With this increase, unemployment rates are decreasing. Many people are getting back to work. Some of us may have a “new normal” of working remotely, while others may be going back into the office. Whatever your “new normal” may be, we want you to know we are here for you during these times. Our focus has always been to ensure you have the most reliable support and service for your talent needs.

At ROI Search Group are proud to offer a distinct outplacement program to assist leaders and team members in their career transition. ROI Search Group is also offering a 40-hour Next Level Leadership and Team Member Training program implementing best practices. This program is designed for leaders and team members who make decisions based on financial fundamentals while being fiscally accountable for departmental performance and improvement. You will learn the basics of finance and human resources matters as they are applied to your particular part of the organization including costs of employee turnover, the value of employee retention, and the chart of hidden costs as it relates to vacancy. 

Stay healthy and be well. Happy Thanksgiving.

Best Regards,

Stacey McCreery
Founder and President, ROI Search Group
Go INside Remote and In-office work options with Stacey McCreery:

  • Time and policy

  • Fielding questions

  • Setting priorities

Weighing Remote


In-Office Work Options

As featured in:
Over the summer, ROI Search Group hosted a series of webinars focusing on our Outplacement Services and best practices for navigating career changes during these unprecedented times. Services are customized to fit your company's needs for individuals in transitioning roles including: Executive Leadership, Directors, Management, and Team Member roles. Ask how we can personalize a solution for your organization. Group and individual classes are offered. Click through to learn more.
Seven Tips for Professionals moving into Management
Get tips from Stacey McCreery, Chief Administrative Office of ROI Search Group and Nicole D. Harper, Director of Revenue Cycle Improvement at Eskenazi Health in Indianapolis as you explore a management opportunity and lay the groundwork for your career move.
ROI Search Group is offering a new training program!

"Excelling in Finance and Human Resources for Today's Team Members and Leaders"

This is a 40 Hour Next Level Leadership and Team Member Training Program implementing best practices. Classes will take place in the boardroom at 14074 Trade Center Drive, Fishers. Distance learning online is also offered for this training program.

Why is Next Level Training important for your organization?
  • Responsibility to patients and community
  • Support and Preservation of your mission
  • Giving leadership the tools to achieve personal success
  • Implementing Best Practices
  • Training tomorrow's leaders
ROI Search Group
Outplacement Program

We have four programs: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

  • Professional head shot and bio.
  • Resume writing and rewriting recommendations based on various positions.
  • Career transition coaching: what to say, not say, social media tips, and how to interact with colleagues and family during the transition.
  • In-depth coaching on how to fully utilize Indeed including setting up Indeed job alerts.
  • Marketing candidate background, as applicable.
  • ROI Search Group provides job leads, professional networking leads/introductions, and recommendations to associations.
  • Interview Practice and Coaching on how to craft your own individual story.
  • Executive Summary prepared by ROI Search Group for employee utilization.
  • Three Comprehensive Personal Reference Checks/Letters.
  • Detailed background check, including criminal, credit, employment history, professional license, or SEC violation checks.
Anna's Celebration of Life
We were so happy to support Anna's 18-Hole Challenge to raise money for Anna's Celebration of Life. This event raised money to provide special needs children with life-enhancing gifts.
From our team to yours:
We continue to be here supporting you whether it is an executive recruitment, a specialized recruitment, interim leadership, physician recruitment, outplacement services, and/or training all while providing you the guarantees and key performance indicators and metrics you are accustomed to.

Six months on every recruitment.

We are #INthistogether.
ROISG Business Continuity Plan Update:
As we continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation, and what is in the best interest of the safety and health of our clients, candidates, and employees at ROI Search Group, we know these are challenging times for all. That said, we will continue working virtually to support our clients and ensuring health and safety of our employees and clients. The best practices we have in our recruitment efforts for all levels we do virtually have been very successful.

In addition, while we really enjoy traveling and speaking at conferences, we have made a conscious effort to delay those activities until after March 2021. We miss our associations.

As many know we have worked remotely and virtually a majority of the time since we opened the business, which enables us to position ourselves well. We always will put the health and safety of our clients, candidates, and employees first.

We can help you with your needs while having an infrastructure in place to provide flexibility. We support our clients by mailing printed interview packets to your home office or sending materials digitally in advance, whichever your preference.

We are truly #INthistogether.
Leading Remotely: What Managers Need to Keep Teams Engaged
Managing remotely allows individuals to get creative, leverage their strengths, and engage with their teams in different and meaningful ways. Gallup provides great advice and guidance on how to keep your teams actively engaged and productive from a remote workspace.
Tips on How to Lead Your Business Through the COVID-19
9 Best Tips to Run Your Post Coronavirus Business Plan Effectively
1) Communication
2) Plan your Business Activity
3) ABC's (Action, Bravery, & Commitment).
4) A Strong Vision of the Future
5) Proving your Relevancy of Your Values
6) The Clarity in your Leadership Team
7) Care for Your Troops & Motivate Them
8) Creativity
9) Staying Calm & Not giving into Pressure

Great Article from Task Manager that breaks down each one of these tips to lead your team.

Best Practices for Working at Home
As businesses adjust to their "new normal" for their office environment, it is important to set yourself up for success. This is a great article from Forbes on how to keep it professional while working from your home environment.
Great virtual event, last month, from IHEN with Early Careerist to discuss best practices through these unprecedented times. Thank you for having us!
Leading into the Post-Covid Recovery
As local governments begin to open restaurants and businesses in phases, it is important to understand how to face this new reality.

Harvard Business Review dives into how to lead your business through these uncharted territory. The article also examines the positives post COVID, and how to operate through the negative effects as well.
Best practices: 8 Ways Companies
Can Attract the Best Job Candidates
What does it take to attract the strongest candidates? Much of it comes down to having a hiring process that treats candidates with respect. Click the link below!
Giving Back to the Community!
Giving back to the kids!
ROI Search Group gave back to the community recently by donating to a fun event for a school, Our Lady of Grace Catholic School that has made an impact on us. This represents why we do what we do every single day. People matter. We love people and the impact we can make at ROI Search Group.

For more information on how you can help Our Lady of Grace Catholic School, please click the link below.
1% of Every $ is Invested Into the Community
A Guide for Working (From Home) Parents

The key to working from home as parents is to invent new ways to preserve old routines. Maintaining a sense of familiarity and consistency is both comforting and therapeutic in times of upheaval — but it’s also practical. Great perspective article from Harvard Business Review that helps parents establish routines that actually work to establish boundaries
"How Diversity Heads Are Steering Their Companies Through The COVID-19 Crisis"
Even for companies with a solid diversity and inclusion foundation, the novel virus has forced diversity heads to think creatively about how best to support their talent, while still making strides on representation and belonging in the midst of global hiring freezes and layoffs. 

Showing Appreciation to clients, candidates, and your employees is one of our favorite things to do at ROI Search Group. No one knows how much you care, until you say and show it!

Physician Recruitment …. Celebrating Our 1st Year Anniversary!
After a few years of research of developing the best physician recruitment plan, and after our owner spending a decade with the largest academic healthcare system in Indiana, we spent time with those who were industry experts and had done this work themselves. Then, we incorporated best practices, and like our executive search services and recruitment practices, we incorporated a program that we believe is fair and equitable and leads to exceptional outcomes for our clients. We put together a program last year and this year, we refined the pricing for this program and wanted to highlight a few differences for you.

  • There is no minimum number of physicians to recruit.
  • Services can be cancelled with a 30-day notice.
  • Our talent acquisition team work on a 3:1 ratio, leading to a more personalized search.
  • Weekly 1:1 communication with your consultant to review our recruitment recap and metrics met and adjust the search accordingly.
  • No limits on the duration of the search.
  • The monthly cost is lower than the cost of a FTE; so why not try? And the 3-month cost is lower than the cost of a one-time list from MGMA.
Let’s talk how we can help you achieve your physician recruitment goals.

If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.
We will be happy to meet with you to discuss how we can help your organization.

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