12 Habits of Exceptional Leaders 

Key points:

  • People look for courage in their leaders. They need someone who can make difficult decisions and watch over the good of the group. People need a leader who will stay the course when things get tough.
  • Communication is the real work of leadership. It is a fundamental element of how leaders accomplish their goals each and every day.
  • Great leaders are generous. They share credit and offer enthusiastic praise. They are as committed to their followers' success as they are to their own. 

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"Courage is the first virtue that makes all other virtues possible."

 - Aristotle

Build an Organization That is Less Busy and More Strategic   



Key points:

  • Being too busy is not a good thing, because humans can not sustain a constant frenzy of activity. 
  • It is even worse if these tasks and activities themselves are not achieving your company's or organization's strategic goals. Eventually, the entire organization will suffer. 
  • Consider your company from an outsider's perspective. When you do, the world becomes one of outcomes, not activity - and you can then establish several key performance criteria. 
  • Sometimes advantages can be right in front of us. But they will remain underdeveloped or we will fail to capitalize on them if everyone is consumed by tasks that do not support key objectives.

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The Magical Combination of Today's Successful Leaders   



Key points:

  • The ability to have both confidence and humility is a rare and powerful quality found in highly successful leaders.
  • Humility is the freedom of arrogance and pride. This absence of ego ushers in an openness to recognize and embrace curiosity, wonder, and discovery. It opens the door to constant inquiry and learning. 
  • Healthy confidence can flow from genuine competence and self-worth or self-assurance. It can spring from having a passionate point of view about discovering a better way and being a tireless pioneer in finding that better way. 
  • The formula to removing arrogance from confidence is discovering the perspective of the people we lead, seeing the world through the eyes of the people we serve, and understanding it is their confidence we want to build and strengthen - not ours.

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How To Be a Leader at Work  



Key points:

  • Take initiative. A great way to get noticed is by taking on a project that no one wants to tackle, but that has to get done.
  • Build rapport, everywhere. Networking is about kindness, mutual support, and growth. 
  • Be a team player. Sometimes you are the star of the show, and sometimes you are in the chorus. Being alert to your coworkers' needs, and offering to help when their workload is overwhelming is the best way to establish yourself as a team player.

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How Adversity Leads to Success 



Key points:

  • How you handle adversity, challenge, and competition plays an enormous role in determining how things turn out for you in life. If you try to avoid those factors, then you will not be happy about the outcome.  
  • Some of the greatest and richest entrepreneurs in the world started with nothing and built their empires using the skills, drive, and street smarts they acquired growing up under adverse conditions to face all sorts of tough challenges and come out on top.

  • Leaders do not succeed in spite of the challenges they faced. They succeeded because of them.  

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