The Joy of Cam Newton: 
How a Polarizing QB Made 
(Great) Football Fun

 Key points:  

  • Cam Newton is a leader of men on the football field. However, he conveys his leadership in different ways. When he scores or makes a great play, he dances. Critics and naysayers describe this as conceit. However, as his teammates and teams/players around the league noted, he plays the game with passion and extreme fun.
  • A leader does not have to conform to societal norms. Moreover, he or she can be dynamic and unique in his or her own way. Contrary to popular belief, as a leader you should have fun and celebrate your accomplishments. Enjoy what you do!

7 Ways to Build Your Leadership Skills in 2016



Key points :
  • As a leader you must appreciate and respect the talented individuals you have around you. Many of these people may have skills you do not possess. Uplift and encourage your employees to do great things. 
  • It is very important to create and inclusive and healthy culture within the workplace. The ability to clearly communicate amongst your employees is critical to the company's success. Establish goals, identify specific roles and duties, and find innovative and creative ways to accomplish thees goals. 

The 4 Traits That Birth Greatness 




Key points:

  • You must have the wherewithal or ability to persevere even when met with disappointment, failure, or criticism. Your will to push forward is a testament to your character and will subsequently motivate others. 
  • Your will to push forward is a testament to your character and will subsequently motivate others.
  • Clarity is an essential element of leadership. Clear and concise ideas must be expressed to your team. 

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Key points:


  • Of all the successes and accolades one could attain in one's lifetime, an argument could be that the greatest is the ability to inspire others.
  • Essentially, inspiration involves motivating people to be better than they were yesterday. 
  • We must not lose sight of the people or things who inspired us. Instead, we should be gracious and give back to these sources of inspiration. Give unto others as they have given unto you.


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Twitter Hires Away Apple's Diversity Chief


Key points :
  • Jefferey Siminoff, formerly of Apple, was hired as Twitter's VP of diversity and inclusion. Siminoff is also notably connected with Out Leadership, a leadership initiative which stresses equality for all people. 
  • With Siminoff's hiring, Twitter hopes to become a more diverse and inclusive company.
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