Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe


 Key points:  


  • When people feel safe and protected by an organization's leadership, the natural reaction is to trust and cooperate which can, in turn, lead to remarkable achievement.
  • Leadership in not a position on a chart. It is a choice. 

View the complete talk by Simon Sinek (or read the transcript) at Ted.com.

12 Ways to Develop Leadership Confidence   


 Key points:

  • Networking with other leaders, through organizations such as ODK, helps one build confidence and knowledge about leadership.
  • Having the courage to make a decision and the good sense to laugh when appropriate is a sign of a confident leader.

Read the full article by Dan McCarthy on SmartBlogs.

The Focused Leader   



Key points:

  • Leaders need to concentrate:  on themselves, on others and the wider world.
  • Focusing inwardly for reflection and on others outwardly enhances a leader's emotional intelligence.
  • Directing attention on the wider world allows leaders to be strategic, innovative and successful in guiding their organizations.  

Read the full article by Daniel Goleman in Harvard Business Review. 

Can You Learn to Lead?  



Key points:

  • It is an old subject of debate.  Can leadership be taught?  Business schools increasingly offer curriculums emphasizing leadership over management.
  • Teaching tangible leadership skills - the ability to work in teams, influence others, resolve conflict and communicate - is a primary focus of these graduate programs.
  • The question remains, however, what is the role of experience in developing leaders?

Read the full article by Duff McDonald in The New York Times.

Why Comedians Are Better Talkers Than You And Me  



Key points:

  • Story-telling skills are invaluable to leaders in helping followers understand the reasons for decisions or next steps.
  • Practicing how one needs to convey a story or an emotion enhances the ability to get the point across.

Read the full article by Nick Morgan on Forbes.

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