The Third Golden Rule of Leadership


 Key points:  


  • A strong leader must be willing to consider the community at large. Recognizing and acknowledging your work community is critical.
  • The concept of social unity is important to understand. When people of a given organization learn to work in cohesion, goals and objectives are achieved.


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Leadership in 
a Crisis - 
How To Be a Leader



Key points :
  • As a leader you must take accountability when problems arise. You cannot run from turmoil. Instead, a leader must overcome obstacles to empower others to do the same.
  • A leader must be willing to step up to the plate. With great power comes great responsiblity. Therefore, if difficult situations present themselves, a leader is looked to for the solution.

Five Ways Leaders 

Suffocate Their Organizations


 Key points:

  • Unrealistic expectations can create both a hostile and stressful work environment. It's perfectly alright to set goals, but as a leader you must be rational. 
  • Building rapport or learning how to work as a team are important elements. As the old saying goes, "Quality not quantity."
  • Any good leader must have the ability to effectively communicate. If the channels of communication are weak, the organization will run amok. 



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Never Let Criticism Define You




Key points:


  • Focus on the task at hand. Ignore the outside noise. Scrutiny and disparagement are inevitable. However don't succumb to these agents of criticism.
  • Instead of reprimanding your critics, respond to them with kindness. This unquestioningly perplexes the critics. Moreover, it conveys a shrewd demeanor. 
  • Your works define you. Your achievements and successes define you. More importantly, the work you do to help others defines you. 


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Level Five Leadership Characteristics: An Understanding of What You Can Be





Key points:

  • A level five leader is an elite leader whom demonstrates humility and ambition. This leader does not seek spotlight or recognition but rather encourages unity and teamwork.
  • These leaders are not motivated by self-interest. They are driven by the interest of the people. Improving the company and fostering relationships are instrumental in their success.


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