Redefining Democracy for People's Power


 Key points:  


  • Democracy is more than just voting; rather, it is the ability to influence organizations, issues, and decisions that impact our lives and communities.
  • People need to purposefully commit to building and adopting leadership practices, while also increasing engagement culture. 

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Leadership Character Traits - The Final Six Core Qualities of a Great Leader 
Key points :
  • Being a person of high moral character is an integral part of quality leadership.
  • Possessing certain character traits has proven to make one a more effective leader.

Why Curious People Are Destined for the C-Suite  



Key points:

  • Curiosity has the uncanny ability to inspire new ideas, and it encourages us to seek different approaches.
  • Building a culture of curiosity actually generates more ideas within organizations.
  • As a leader, creating a level of curiosity in the workplace offers greater autonomy and comfort within your company. 


Read the full article by Warren Berger in the Harvard Business Review 

What Makes a Leader?



Key points:

  • Leadership does not consist of power and or authority. It is the ability to influence and encourage others.
  • The focus of effective leadership is to impact the "greater good." 
  • Furthermore, leadership is a collective effort that must involve other people. It is not a solo mission. 

Read the full article by Travis Bradberry on LinkedIn

These Cartoons Show Exactly How To Be Good Leaders



Key points:

  • The ability to empathize with others is a tremendous leadership quality.
  • Adversity is inevitable; however, overcoming obstacles and persevering are crucial if one is to become a good leader.

See the cartoon collection and commentary by Kyle B. Hart on Lifehack

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