Great Lakes, Great Leaders, the  2016 Omicron Delta Kappa Biennial Convention and Leadership Conference, starts in just about one month from today. All members of O∆K are welcome to attend this exciting and informative program with  nationally significant speakers, a focus on service and leadership development, and member resources. The dates are June 16 - 19; registration fees range from $175 for circle delegates to $350 for other individuals staying on campus (includes housing and all meals); and the full schedule is located  here. Be sure to  register no later than June 1.

How to Get and Stay Motivated Every Single Day

 Key points:  

  • One must be able to live in the moment. Do not be overly concerned with the past or future, but instead, focus on the "here-and-n0w."
  • It's imperative to set clear and concise goals. Achieving these goals, no matter the size, is something worth striving for. 
  • There are tough days when one feels like giving up. However, it is important to push one's self. This effort to advance may be a very challenging task, but the ability to overcome such adversity and move forward yields not only success but also personal growth. 
Corporate Ethics Can't Be 
Reduced to Compliance 


Key points :
  • Compliance and ethics, although related, are not one in the same. Complying with the rules for the sake of necessity is fundamentally different than upholding and practicing ethical concepts.
  • In the workplace, there must be a certain level of trust and compassion. One must be able to invest hope and faith in those in with which one works. One must also exercise compassion when coming to understand the struggles and difficulties of colleagues and managers.
  • If ethical concepts are not always practiced, or knowingly disregarded, one must have the courage to speak up. An organization, company, or business cannot function successfully if a strong moral code is not sustained.
How Elevator Leaders Lift Everyone to Higher Achievement 

Key points :

  • Leaders must believe in those they work with. In doing so, they have the ability to uplift spirits. Placing your faith and belief in someone is powerful. 
  • A leader must have the ability to push and motivate his or her employees. However, It's import to develop a good rapport and establish an healthy relationship prior to pushing them. By pushing your employees, it motivates them to achieve new goals.
Seven Leadership Lessons  From Shakespeare 


Key points :
  • A leader should never sacrifice morality due to ambitious desires. Doing what is right always supersedes personal goals and desires. 
  • Procrastination breeds stagnation and non-productivity. One should take an active approach in completing tasks and assignments. 
  • As a leader, you must not give way to self-doubt- trust your instincts. You must be confident in your ability to make sound decisions.
Authenticity in Leadership


Key Points:

  • There are several different types of leaders. However, it's crucial that leaders remain true to their styles and abilities. 
  • Some leaders are more vocal, others lead by example, and some even prefer to stay in the shadows away from the limelight. 
  • Leaders must earn the trust of others. This trust is not given freely, but it is earned through their words, actions, and results. They must be genuine and essentially "practice what they preach." 
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