Aaron Rodgers'

 Condemnation of Anti-Muslim Remarks Shows 

Real Leadership


 Key points:  


  • Strong leadership entails the ability to unite people of different backgrounds, colors, and beliefs to reach a common goal.
  • An exceptional leader can effectively use his or her position to address societal issues such as bigotry and intolerance. Speaking up and doing the right thing, when the opportunity presents itself, is something all leaders should do. 

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Richard Branson to 
Young Entrepreneurs: "Just Do It"



Key points :
  • Many rising young professionals are met with pessimistic attitudes. People will try to deter these young people from achieving great feats.
  • Have "determination even when failure seems inevitable," according to Branson. Persistence is an essential ingredient in overcoming obstacles. 

Healthy Habits of a 

Healthy Leader: Delegation




Key points:

  • Being a leader does not mean that you have to do it alone. In fact, by allowing others to help you, a level of trust is gained.
  • Empower and encourage your employees to complete their tasks. Do not just assign people work and shove them aside. Instead, explain the importance of the task and the faith you have in your employee.
  • A true sign of a great leader is the ability to motivate others. Engage the people you lead to buy into your words and actions. Inspire others to do more and to be more.


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Five Ls of Leadership




Key points:


  • Live is an important "L" of leadership. Life is precious; we should do everything in our power to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This includes eating the right foods, exercising often, and making sound decisions.
  • Perhaps the most important word of all is love. Love is a word that ironically carries an uncomfortable stigma within the workplace. However, if one loves people, loves what he or she does, and loves thyself, success is inevitable.
  • Finally, learn all you can. Acquire academic knowledge, grasp emotional intelligence, and enhance spiritual growth. As a leader, one must strive to be a well-rounded individual. 


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What Separates High-Performing Leaders From Average Ones





Key points:

  • An exceptional leader must have the ability to critically analyze his or her own abilities. This self-reflection allows one to better understand weaknesses, strengths, and subsequently, how to improve thereafter.
  • If you want to do the best, you must learn and study from the best. A leader must strive for daily improvement.


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