Drew Dudley: Everyday Leadership


 Key points:  


  • We must redefine leadership. It isn't just reserved for cultural icons or celebrities we see on television. All of us have the ability to make a difference in the lives of others.
  • Do not be afraid to succeed. People often shy away from the responsibility or task of being a leader. Embrace the leader within you!


Watch the full video on TEDx by Drew Dudley

The Five Kinds of Leaders Every Team Needs to Be Successful 



Key points :
  • There are various types of leaders represented on a given team. A "team" could refer to sports, the corporate realm, your family unit, etc.
  • A team functions best when the various leaders work together for a common purpose. The leaders are willing to communicate, cooperate, and even sacrifice for the advancement of the team.

What Mark Zuckerberg's Leadership Does for Millennials 




Key points:

  • Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg took a major stance after the birth of his baby daughter Max. He offered and pledged 99% of his Facebook shares to charitable causes, with hopes to make the world a better place for his daughter. 
  • In a society that has traditionally and historically valued wealth, Zuckerberg has chosen his own path. His altruistic values and selflessness are traits that millennials have consisted demonstrated. 
  • Millennials have been noted for their philanthropy. They are more inclined to give to charities, engage in social activism, and simply assist others. Ironically, the escalation of social media use has contributed to the greater good. 


Read the full article by Ashley Stahl on Forbes 

Three Secrets of Personal Leadership from Nelson Mandela




Key points:


  • Self-reflection and self-assessment are critical components when analyzing the ability to lead. One should reflect on both positive and negatives experiences. As a result, a leader will gain a better sense of purpose and direction.
  • A leader must accept and embrace his or her mission. One must determine how one is going to impact the lives of others. It is one thing to see, but a strong leader has great vision.
  • You must expect greatness from yourself and others around you. Ultimately, a leader must not only possess self-confidence, but he or she must also believe in others as well.


Read the full article by Nikolaus Eberl on LinkedIn

Graduate Programs Specializing in Leadership Studies


Key points :
  • Interested in a graduate program in leadership studies?  Many institutions offer degrees at the master's and doctoral levels exploring leadership theories, strategies for developing and enhancing leadership, and the roles that leaders play in our society.  Click here for a comprehensive listing
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