Having a Lot of Facebook Friends Can Help You Land a New Job

 Key points:  

  • Research compiled from Tufts University, Stony Brook University, and Facebook concluded that having numerous Facebook friends is more closely linked to finding a new job than any other single individual connection. 
  • According to the research, approximately seven percent (400,000) of people studied were given a job due to a friendship. 
  • Facebook even offers advice to those seeking new jobs: keep your profile fresh and new, avoid pictures of partying and drinking, and remove any pictures that may be deemed inappropriate.

Read the full article by Catherine Clifford on Entrepreneur

Don't Fall For 
These Six Myths of Success

Key points :
  • One myth that has been relayed for years is that you can't have success without stress. Relaxation and the ability to remain calm are important tools to alleviate stress.
  • Many leaders focus and improve in areas in which they are already strong. However, leaders must be able to step outside their comfort zones and work to improve their weaknesses. To accept that one is weak at something means to allow room to grow. 
  • In an individualistic society driven by competition and pride, a leader must sometimes put others before him or herself. A leader should support and encourage others to be more and do more. 
The Four Skills You Need 
to Become a Global Leader
Key points :

  • To become a strong global leader, one must immerse oneself in a range of different cultures. What better way to understand people than to study and analyze their culture. 
  • Channels of communication are vital. A leader must have the ability to concisely formulate and express his or her ideas. 
The Science Behind How Leaders  Connect with Their Teams


Key points :
  • According to research, in groups that are without a leader, leaders arise by synchronizing their brain waves with followers by way of superior conversation. 
  • Verbal communication is an essential ingredient of synchronization. This is especially the case between leaders and followers. This harmony allows for mutual understanding, cooperation, and collective creativity. 
  • To get the best out of others, a leader must first demand and expect the best out of him or herself. He or she must strive for wholeness. Only then can a leader inspire and motivate.
The HARDEST Leadership Lesson


Key Points:

  • Perhaps the greatest responsibility of leadership is recognizing and understanding the part we play in the obstacles we face.
  • Ultimately, leaders learn more in times of turmoil and distress, than in times of jubilation and prosperity.
  • The leaders of today cannot simply just critique and excoriate the millennials of the present. However, these leaders can work to understand this generation, help them to be fair and honest, and offer solutions as they go forward. 
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