Are You a Leader, or 
Just Pretending?

 Key points:  

  • A leader's purpose is not to take power; instead, it is the ability to empower others. 
  • The job of a leader is not merely to inspire people, but it is also to infuse new life into an organization.
  • People always desire quality leadership. Instead of looking for new leaders, people must demand stronger leadership from those already in position. 


Read the full article by Umair Haque on Harvard Business Review

Nine Communication Habits 
of Successful Leaders



Key points :
  • An effective leader is an active and willing listener. He or she will not cut another person off when speaking, but instead absorb what the person is communicating.
  • While kindness and generosity are taken for granted at times, these traits are essential in the workplace.
  • Effective leader communications include utilization of powerful "I" statements, such as, "I feel this company still has room for improvements." Avoid starting a sentence with the word "you" because it implies judgment. 

Few Women in Corporate Leadership Roles Worldwide
Key points :

  • Research conducted by The Peterson Institute for International Economics concluded that approximately 60 percent of companies have no women serving on the board.
  • Even more staggering than the aforementioned, 95 percent of these companies did not have a woman CEO. 

The World Has a Leadership Crisis, Not a Knowledge Crisis





Key points:


  • Though society has advanced intellectually, there is still a serious void in leadership.
  • Younger individuals should exercise their right to vote. In doing so, their voices can be heard and their perspectives respected.
  • Leaders must be held accountable. They must be challenged to uphold a higher standard.


Read the full article by Kofi Annan on LinkedIn

The Difference Between Good
and Bad Leadership


Key Points:

  • Poor leaders usually lack the ability to inspire others. Furthermore, they rarely care about the development of those around them.
  • There's a major disconnect between many leaders and their employees. Research conveys that 65 percent of employees would take a new and better boss over a pay raise.
  • This rift stems from a "leadership accountability gap." Essentially, numerous leaders have accepted leadership positions without fully grasping the concept of being a leader.
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