December 2016
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This month, we're excited to announce the recruitment of a pioneering neuroscientist, Jerold Chun, to our faculty. This issue also shares new developments in research on hydrocephalus, a common neurological birth defect, and translation of our scientists' work into a clinical trial for pediatric Crohn's disease. And we highlight the recognition our investigators have recently received for their entrepreneurship and innovative strategies to defeat cancer.

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Renowned neuroscientist Jerold Chun joins SBP's faculty

Jerold Chun, M.D., Ph.D., newly appointed professor and senior vice president of Neuroscience Drug Discovery comes to SBP from The Scripps Research Institute, where he has been a professor since 2003. Chun brings his twenty-five-member lab and an established research program that has implications for a range of diseases including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, and depression.


Select media coverage: San Diego Union-Tribune

Discovery from the lab of Carl Ware leads to clinical trial in pediatric Crohn’s disease

Better treatments for Crohn’s disease, a chronic condition in which portions of the intestine are inflamed, are urgently needed. A clinical trial will test a drug made possible by the discovery of the immune-regulating protein LIGHT by Carl Ware, Ph.D., and his team.
Garth Powis named a fellow of the National Academy of Inventors (NAI)

Garth Powis, D.Phil., professor and director of SBP's NCI-designated Cancer Center, has been elected to the NAI in recognition of his discovery and translation of novel cancer targets and their small molecule inhibitors as potential cancer therapies. He  is an inventor on 15 patents supporting first in class anti-cancer agents, three of which are in clinical trials.
V Foundation grant to Ani Deshpande supports pioneering research toward better leukemia treatments

Certain leukemias can be treated with a very effective drug that 'rehabilitates' cancer cells instead of killing them. With his recently awarded funding from a cancer research foundation, assistant professor Ani Deshpande, Ph.D., aims to  find targets for future drugs to do the same for deadly leukemias that affect children and infants. 
Welcome to our newest and recently renewed President's Circle Members!

• Cindy and Stephen Aselage
• Alice and Roger Baggenstoss
• Bank of America
• Molly and David Begent
Maggi and Alejandro Berho
• Darcy and Robert Bingham

• Linden and Ronne Blue

• Pamela Boynton

• Adriana Cabre

• Julie and Gordon Cooke

• Edison Pharmaceuticals Inc.

• Olivia and Peter Farrell

• Susan and Michael Finley

• Claudia Dunaway and Hudson Freeze

• Audrey S. Geisel

• Bill Gerhart

• Hanna and Mark Gleiberman

• Deana and Morley Golden

• John Goodman

• Robyn Hudgens

• Debby and Hal Jacobs

• Jean Perkins Foundation

• Laura and Peter Leddy

• Shirley and Gene Littler

• Neil F. McFarlane
• National University

• Milley Mai and Douglas Obenshain

• Liberty Ross

• Doreen and Myron Schonbrun

• Elizabeth Schwarzbach, Ph.D.

• Zuhre and Ahmet Tutuncu

• Kathryn and Donald Vaughn

• Tara and Charles Wegner

• Judy White

• Mary Jane and James Wiesler

Huaxi Xu named the Jeanne and Gary Herberger Chair in Neuroscience

Xu’s recent breakthroughs include the discovery of a novel protein that may lead to a new approach for treating Alzheimer’s disease. By endowing the chair, the Herbergers support Xu's research, which they hope will have an impact on human health.
Hank Nordhoff named chairman of the Board of Trustees

Nordhoff, a highly experienced pharmaceutical executive who grew Gen-Probe into a billion-dollar company, is the new Chairman of the Board of Trustees. He is currently Chairman and CEO of Banyan Biomarkers and Chairman of Chugai Pharmaceutical USA.
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