January 13, 2023
Leading by Example!
As evidenced below, the FAFP is fortunate to have numerous members representing family medicine both statewide and nationally in leadership positions. The most recent of which is FAFP Past President Dr. Alma Littles who has been appointed to serve as Interim Dean of the FSU College of Medicine beginning February 1, 2023. She will succeed FAFP member Dr. John Fogarty, who is retiring after serving as dean since 2008. Dr. Littles will oversee the college's administrative and academic affairs and will be responsible for fulfilling the mission of the College of Medicine, which includes providing a quality medical education for its students. 
Additionally, FAFP's very own president, Dr. Christy Cavanagh, was recently selected to serve on the ABFM National Journal Club Committee (NJCC) which is tasked with identifying the most important recently published empirical articles that are relevant to family physicians, methodologically rigorous and potentially practice changing. The FAFP is grateful to Drs. Littles, Cavanagh and so many other members, many of whom are highlighted below, for representing the interests of family medicine, not to mention medicine as a whole, each and every day. Interested in serving the FAFP or know of another FAFP member worthy of recognition, please contact EVP Jay Millson (jmillson@fafp.org).  
Jennifer Keehbauch, MD (FAFP Past President)

Danielle Carter, MD (FAFP Secretary/Treasurer)

Christopher Watson, MD

Arma Resic, MD
Amber Isley, MD, Finance and Insurance (CFI)
Kelly Thibert, DO, Education (COE)
Danielle Carter, MD, Health of the Public and Science (CHPS)
Kamini Geer, MD, Education (COE)
Maureen Padden, MD, Federal and State Policy (CFSP)
Adam Beamer, Member and Member Service (CMMS)

Alma Littles, MD (FMA Secretary)
Rebecca Bernard, MD (District E)
Ajoy Kumar, MD (District C, FAFP Past President)
John Montgomery, MD (At-large)
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