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Leading From the Heart
What makes a great leader?
Personal appeal? A dynamic personality? Social influence? The ability to speak well in front of large crowds?
Isn't it interesting that when God chose leaders, as referenced in the Bible, He selected ones with a speech impediment (Moses), uneducated fishermen (the Disciples), and those of common birth and circumstances (Jesus himself).
It just goes to show that God can take the most ordinary of people and use them in the most extraordinary of ways.
The key is being willing. 

At Wellspring Group retreats the majority of the faces you see teaching and facilitating are volunteers. Most would not claim to be experts, but they share a common experience - their lives are being changed as they see and win the Battle for their own hearts and they long to see others changed as well.
Alice Lewallen
Wellspring Group Facilitator, Speaker & Volunteer
Every year volunteers invest approximately 7,000-8,000 hours preparing for and volunteering at retreats. Some, like WG veteran teacher and facilitator Alice Lewallen, volunteer at multiple retreats a year, including overseas!
One of the most rewarding experiences in being a Battle for Women's Hearts teacher and facilitator, says Alice, has been
"hearing long after the retreat that a new retreat facilitator looks back to my teaching as significant to her transformation process."
For those interested in becoming a retreat facilitator or speaker Wellspring Group has a Leadership Equipping Track which involves equipping - both in person and virtual, practice opportunities and real-time feedback.
"The biggest challenge we see with new facilitators," according to WG's Equipping Coordinator, Anisa Sumlar, "is building confidence that they have what it takes to lead in this capacity." For that reason part of the equipping process involves shadowing a more experienced facilitator by serving as an assistant facilitator their first time volunteering.
Reflecting on her first time facilitating Alice shared, "Facilitating, asking engaging questions felt like I was learning to drive on the other side of the road... I understood the concept, the questions seemed reasonable, but the execution felt totally foreign and I truly wondered if I would EVER know how to 'do it right.'"

For those who are considering becoming a retreat facilitator or teacher Alice says the benefits extend far beyond the retreat itself.

"One of the most significant experiences in teaching every single time is what God does for ME as I prepare," she said. And regarding facilitating - "The skills of engaging are essentially the skills of relationship.  The role changes from being a facilitator to a wife or mom or friend...but everyone loves being seen and pursued and the skills are the same.  The skills become an extension of your heart." 

For more information on WG's Leadership Equipping Track see the article below.

Leadership Equipping track

Opportunity to Grow and Overflow

Is your heart being  transformed through the Battle for the Heart process? Are you inspired by seeing other men and women experience deeper connection with God and move into their part of God's Larger Story?


If so, then Wellspring Group's Leadership Equipping Track (LET) may be a good fit for you. There are no special requirements related to skill set in order to join the LET. Rather, we ask that all volunteers be committed to living in true Biblical authenticity, growing spiritually and personally and living and leading from a whole heart.




What is WG's Leadership Equipping Track?


The LET is the process by which we equip speakers, facilitators and other retreat volunteers. It involves a combination of:

Leadership Equipping Track Workshop 
  • Equipping calls
  • Speaker equipping Workshops
  • Real-time feedback (through feedback and evaluation forms)
  • Debriefing with WG staff and follow up support/growth plan as needed
  • Mentoring (serving as an assistant facilitator at your first retreat and then having a mentor available for support as a primary facilitator)


What is required of me as a participant in the LET?

  • Participate in the training/equipping
  • Volunteer in one retreat per year (more opportunities are available if interested)
  • Ongoing engaging/connection with others who have been part of the Battle for the Heart process for personal growth (such as members of your original Battle for the Heart team or other friends/church members)



In what areas does Wellspring Group need volunteers?

If you have a special gift set that you'd like to volunteer (proof-reading, communications, technology/social media, etc.) we can plug you in in a variety of ways. Just e-mail us and let us know how you'd like to be involved. But the Leadership Equipping Track is primarily targeted toward WG's retreats. So we are looking for people to serve as 

  • Facilitators
  • Speakers
  • Technology gurus
  • Worship leaders (at Battle for Men's and Women's Hearts events)


How do I become involved?

For more information on Wellspring Group's Leadership Equipping Track or other volunteer opportunities please contact Anisa Sumlar at




Taking the Battle to South Africa 

Thank you for your support leading up to, during and following the Battle for the Heart event in South Africa! For numerous reasons this was one of the most challenging events in our 12 year history. Yet, in the midst of it, our team stayed engaged and overcame.  There was significant personal and relational impact and resounding confirmation of the cross cultural potential of the Battle for the Heart and the power and beauty of men and women experiencing the event together.

We have so much to tell you about what God is doing through that event in our next newsletter. In the meantime, we wanted to give you a taste of what is to come through a testimony from a 19 year old South African that attended the event.

"Going into the battle was exciting, but being there and
 experiencing an authentic community was so WOW!"

Hear about why it was so, "Wow!" for this young man and others in next month's newsletter.

The Battle for the Heart is Headed to Pennsylvania

Wellspring Group and Butler First United Methodist Church (Butler, PA) will be holding their first partner Battle for Men's Hearts and Battle for Women's Hearts events in Pennsylvania this fall.
Team slots are available for both Butler FUMC and Wellspring Group teams. If you are interested in inviting a team please contact Anisa Sumlar.
  Battle for Men's Hearts
September 22-25, 2016
Registration deadline June 29
October 6-9, 2016
Registration deadline July 1
* Both events will be held at the Antiochian Village Conference Center in Bolivar, PA.

Upcoming Events

Have you considered inviting your spouse, coworker or small group into the Battle for the Heart?

Registration is still open for the events taking place this fall!

2016 Battle for Your Heart Events
               Men's Events          August 11-14, 2016 - Columbiana, AL
                                                  September 22 -25, 2016 - Bolivar, PA
               Women's Events   August 25-28, 2016 - Columbiana, AL
                                                  October 6-9, 2016 - Bolivar, AL

                Battle for Your Domain - For Men and Women

                                                   September 16- 19, 2016 - Columbiana, AL
Battle for Your Marriage Event  
Feb. 2-5, 2016
               For more information contact Abby or visit our website


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