Managing Remote Workers
In a webinar on October 14, leaders from the University of Iowa discussed results from a workplace survey and recommendations around five supervisor supportive behaviors that enhance remote worker wellbeing; 
  • Engagement
  • Productivity
  • Warning Signs
  • Connections
  • Performance Feedback
Register now to join us on Tuesday, October 27 for "Managing Remote Workers" a free webinar addressing health and safety concerns with managing employees remotely. Panelists include
  • Matt Finnegan (Berkshire Hathaway Energy Pipeline Group),
  • Richard Thomas (Speedway Motors),
  • Susan Walter (Wolters Kluwer), and
  • Adrienne Wheeler (HNI Corporation),
  • and will be moderated by Professor Beth Livingston (Tippie College of Business).
This webinar is appropriate for managers at all levels and may particularly be useful for those supervising remote workers for the first time.
This podcast episode of Workplace Matters is a companion to our earlier episode “Marijuana and the Workplace: Introduction”. In this episode we look at what factors should be considered when revising or creating marijuana policies for a business. How should policies reflect or not reflect the changing litigation around marijuana, and what factors should be taken into account when making those decisions?

Host: Michael Guhin

Guests: Jeffery Meyers, Allison Wright, and Matthew Pappas