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Leading to Improve | Nyland News | April 2020

Leading to improve. News you can use to keep getting better. 
Leading in Uncertain Times is this month's theme. 
Brené Brown: Courage is contagious ...
Create a culture in which people feel safe and seen; heard and respected .
Review: You're IT by Leonard Marcus et al
Crisis, Change, How to Lead When it Matters Most

An incredible read for developing leadership ... in crisis ... or in our everyday work. Amazing stories as well as down to earth practical tools.

THE book for leading in our times!
Leading in Crisis
Positive steps to maintain solid footing in tough times.
During COVID-19 we all live in uncertain times. New expectations, new parters and new ways of working. All this puts a premium on leading through uncertainty. Read more on leading in crisis.

Influence: Growing Clout ... Up & Out :
Leading above your pay grade. Influence beyond authority. Leading the way through uncertainty.
Leading Equity
Leading the way with courageous conversations. Modeling what you want to see. Frequent messaging on WHY racial equity matters.
More to Read :
Great reads on equity, leadership, history. And a graphic novel that shows pictures are worth 1000 words!
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Warm regards to my "leading learning" colleagues. Stay safe and stay well!

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