A Word from Mark
Dear Friends of WTLC,
How often do you pause in your busy schedule to do something nice for someone else? Join us in celebrating and committing to showing more kindness to those around us this World Kindness Day on November 13th. This is a special day that promotes the importance of being kind to each other and to yourself. With kindness, we can overcome and disrupt the harmful impact caused by differences and issues that divide us. 

On this day, we hope to highlight and encourage good deeds in our community. Any acts of kindness – big or small – can make a significant positive impact and help create a kinder community. Whether that be at home, work, school, or just out in public, please consider engaging in intentional kindness to others. Furthermore, this day can also be meant to celebrate and appreciate the good deeds that others already do. Be sure to let others around you know how much you appreciate their kindness. 

With this, I’ll give myself a head start. Thank you for all the kindness and generosity you have given to WTLC, our staff and survivors, and to myself. Your steadfast support has allowed us to advance our mission in every way. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you. 

With appreciation,

Trafficked For Over 6 Years: Pamala Starts Over in California
When Pamala arrived in Orange County, all she had with her was one carry-on bag and her license. She had just fled her home in Ohio, where she left behind six years of physical, emotional, financial, and sexual abuse. A survivor of both domestic violence and human trafficking, Pamala had been forced to sleep with her trafficker, his family members, and his friends against her will for years. If she refused, she would be beaten until she complied.

Pamala found WTLC through a referral from the National Human Trafficking Hotline. Rescue America—an organization dedicated to helping sex trafficking victims—was able to purchase Pamala a plane ticket to California so she could come into our emergency shelter. “I was scared to go to California because I’ve never traveled outside of my city,” Pamala said.
Thank You, Veterans!
This month, WTLC asks you to join us in saying thank you to the Veterans in our community.

The intersection between military service and domestic violence is one that is often overlooked, but in order to fully support those who have served our country, it is important to recognize the wide range of needs experienced by this population.

According to research from the US Department of Veterans Affairs, 30% of woman veterans experience intimate partner violence at some point in their lives. These survivors need services that are accessible and welcoming, and that take into account the possibility of additional trauma associated with their time serving in the military. Our clinical services are designed to address a wide range of recovery needs and can be tailored to fit each survivor’s unique situation. Services might include PTSD groups, therapeutic art, our sensory room, or talk therapy. 

We are additionally dedicated to providing support to veterans who have caused harm in their own homes, or who fear they might do so. This year, WTLC is strengthening our programming for people who recognize abusive behaviors in themselves and need help making change in their personal relationships. Participants in this program receive resources to address their own past trauma while learning healthy relationship strategies to prevent future situations of abuse.
We are so grateful to the veterans in our community, and we are dedicated to doing our part to ensure they receive the support they need. If you are a veteran experiencing a domestic violence situation who needs assistance, please don’t hesitate to call our 24/7 helpline at 877-531-5522.
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Have you heard our new PSA featuring WTLC's programs and services? Thank you to the generous talents of Los Angeles-based voice talent Alexa Kahn and Copywriter Scott Montgomery for donating their services to make this PSA possible! You can listen and share our latest PSA below.
Speak Up, Save a Life PSA
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