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Leading to Improve | Nyland News | May 2020
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Growing Great Leaders, Teams, and Outcomes

Leadership in Uncertain Times. In this issue:

“Do all the good you can ... In all the ways you can ... To all the people you can,
As long as ever you can.” - John Wesley    
Review: Farsighted by Steven Johnson
How we make the decisions that matter most

Good decisions have 3 phases:
- Mapping
- Predicting
- Deciding

The most important part? Seeking diverse points of view. From stakeholders, simulations, & scenarios.
Major graduation gains ... AND eliminating gaps!
Federal Way Public Schools under Dr. Tammy Campbell's leadership has created a system-wide focus on knowing students by name, interests and credit needs.

A dozen tips for improving graduation and racial equity ...
Leadership: A 'Voice' for Equity
Use your leadership voice to touch hearts, heads and hands. Get clearer on what racial equity looks like in our schools. Lessons learned by taking action.
Keep Looking UP!
Communicating hope in multiple ways to multiple audiences. Ensuring that we are reaching each and every one of those we serve.
More Books ...
Upstream by Dan Heath is another winner. Lots of systems ideas ... including improving graduation in Chicago. And Barbara Bush's book Pearls of Wisdom provides a positive uplifting boost for our times. More ...
Free PD packet on Leading Racial Equity
Email Me: For a packet of PD ideas and sample equity memos

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