Answers to Questions Regarding the Reopening of WFPC Campus
Hello Wake Forest Presbyterian Family and Friends,

The Task Force on Reopening our facilities and ministries at WFPC has been hard at work, as have the Session and Diaconate, in efforts to keep us connected. These are very challenging times, and it seems the information changes from day to day. This special edition will hopefully answer and clarify some of your concerns. You can also find information through weekly Leaflets every Friday, Rebekah’s daily Coffee Devotional, the church website, and the pre-worship announcements each Sunday. Information is everywhere. Stay thoughtful; stay strong; and stay safe. If you have a question that is not included, contact Renee Engel at Your question will be addressed in Leaflets.

With Christ’s Love,
Mary Beichner,
Moderator of the Task Force for Reopening
What action has the task force taken?
At the July Session meeting, the Task Force for Reopening brought the following motions for approval:   

In light of the increasing Covid-19 impact in our region:

Motion #1: A return to modified small group meetings outside at the church will tentatively begin on August 1 with the following guidelines (see Guidelines for Small Group Gatherings)

Motion #2: To postpone the return to in-person worship past the original target date of September 6, to a date to be determined.

Both motions were passed by Session.
If I want my small group to meet in person on the grounds of WFPC, what does the facilitator/teacher of my group need to do? 
Social Distancing
As of August 1, we are allowing small groups to meet outdoors on the WFPC campus. Head to (or contact Renee at and fill out the request form. You will be assigned an outdoor location and given instructions about the guidelines for meeting as a small group (see below). We will be tracking attendance so that, if it becomes necessary, we will be able to do contact tracing.

If you are still uncomfortable meeting in person, we are happy to set up an online Zoom meeting for you. Contact Renee at

Guidelines for Small Group Gatherings:
  • No building access allowed (i.e. no restrooms)
  • Bring your own chairs
  • Maintain 6' distance between everyone who is not from the same household — NO hugging or shaking hands. 
  • All attendees must have reviewed our Guidelines for Attendees (see below); if they answer positive to any questions we kindly ask them to not attend
  • There will be a plastic box labeled for your meeting with an attendance sheet. Use this sheet to track attendance for ALL attendees; return the form to the box after meeting. (All boxes are sanitized between uses.)
  • Wear a mask
  • Do not pass materials around
  • Wash your hands prior to coming to church
  • Stay home if you are sick or suspect exposure
  • WFPC cannot accommodate groups in inclement weather

Guidelines for Attendees
  • If you are not feeling well, have a cough, or fever, difficulty breathing or other symptoms of a respiratory illness, please do not attend a small group in person gathering
  • If you, or anyone on your household has been asked to self-quarantine in the last 30 days, please do not attend a small group meeting.
  • If you have been in contact with someone or in a facility known to have COVID-19, please do not attend a small group meeting.
  • When attending a small group meeting, maintain a social distance of at least 6’ from others outside your household.
  • Please wear a face covering at all times while in the presence of others at a small group meeting.
  • Please do not make physical contact with others outside your household while attending a small group meeting.
  • Please truthfully assess your vulnerability and make sure you still want to attend a small group meetings, even with the above measures in place, if there is an increased chance of transmission.
Face Covering
I know that when we can come back to in-person modified worship, it will require measures to keep us safe when we gather in person. What will it look like?
Here are ten things people should know for when we start to reopen:
1. We will hold only one service at 10:00 in the Christian Life Center (CLC)
  • Childcare will not be available. Sunday School will be via Zoom.
  • Virtual worship is here to stay, even when we re-start in-person worship.
  • We will not hold Children’s Church when we first reopen.
2. Due to the need to have social distancing, we will have limited seating available. You will need to make a reservation. More information to follow on how to make a reservation.
3. There will be only one entrance (via the doors from the parking lot near the CLC entrance) and one exit location after worship.
4. For your protection, there will be a mandatory check-in procedure that includes temperature checks, use of hand sanitizer, and wearing of masks. Masks will be provided to those needing one.
5. Ushers will seat you and will dismiss you after our worship.
6. For everyone’s protection, plexiglass has been installed, and our space will be sanitized before and after worship.
7. The majority of our music will be prerecorded. Our liturgy and hymns/praise songs will be on the screen. We will “HUM” to the music. Instrumental music may be “live.”
8. We are encouraged to continue giving via online options or via the mail. An offering box will be located near the check-in station.
9. Access to the restrooms maybe limited; we encourage you to use the restrooms at home, prior to coming to worship. 
10. Bring your own coffee or water in a secure thermos as Coffee Fellowship. Note that the water fountain will NOT be available. 
Will the worship services still be streamed each Sunday when we come back to worship in person?
Yes. We have discovered that many people, some who are not local, have been viewing our services. In fact, we have more people worshiping with us on-line than worshiped in person a year ago. We are now reaching 350-550 people each week for worship.
Other churches are open for worship. Why aren’t we? 
Wake Forest Presbyterian Church has always emphasized having an open door and open arms to welcome ALL who would like to join us as we “grow together in faith.” It is truly painful for us to keep those doors closed now, but our first priority is the health and safety of not only our members, but our larger community as well. Unfortunately, we currently feel that the best way for us to love our neighbor is to refrain from large in-person gatherings. 
Is the staff of WFPC still working?  
Computer Menu
Absolutely; most are working from home. However, because of many unknowns, with restrictions in place in order to protect everyone, our Nursery Workers and our Director of Food Ministries have been furloughed. All our other staff members have been working hard reinventing how we connect with one another, how we worship, how we do mission and ministry.  
  • Renee Engel, ( administrative assistant to the pastors, and general secretary for the church is the perfect staff member to turn to if you can’t locate pertinent information, or if you need to put something on the church calendar.
  • Since December, Jim Mather, ( our IT/AV staff person, has been guiding us virtually through this pandemic, and we are discovering new ways that we can communicate via livestreaming; on-line special Bible studies; storytelling, etc. He arrived on the scene just in time.  
  • Cindy Shriver (, our Facilities Operations Manager, is in the office four days a week with limited office hours, keeping our facilities in good working order, supervising cleaning teams, etc.
  • Our Bookkeeper, Joanne Lambert, ( continues to keep our finances flowing smoothly, keeping records, paying the bills, etc. 
  • Kim Glasscock ( is putting hours into arranging special music, creating new ways the choir can bring us harmony… approaches which require a great deal to piece the various parts together… often prerecording everything in order to keep the number of people in the sanctuary to less than ten; 
  • Pastor John ( is in constant contact with the many small group Zoom gatherings that are continuing to meet, and is fully engaged with keeping our mission beyond our doors alongside our wonderful Mission and Outreach Ministry Teams; 
  • Pastor Rebekah, ( beside preaching and stuff, is putting together a church wide Bible Study on the Book of Job for the fall, plus keeping up with as many people as she can with the help of the amazing Diaconate who are keep track of their Branches.  
  • Katherine Peiper (, Amy Cebrick ( and Janet Briley ( are amazing in finding new and creative ways to reach our children/families and youth especially as we approach the fall kick-off for the church. Outside gatherings are already meeting according to church guidelines. 
Their ability to serve God through serving our church expands as we discover new ways to “do” ministry and to “serve” our Lord, Jesus, faithfully and lovingly. Be sure you keep the staff in your prayers as we continue through this time. If you need to contact any of our staff, email them.
What about Wake Forest Presbyterian Preschool -- will that be open this fall?
The preschool board and director have put countless hours into thoughtful reopening plans and the session heard, evaluated and approved the reopening of the preschool for the fall with strict guidelines and protocols in place. The preschool has adequate paid staff to navigate keeping protocols in place, keeping children in very small groups, and doing the proper cleaning that will be necessary throughout each day children are present. We cannot ask this level of detail from our amazing volunteer force which guides so much of our children and youth ministry; therefore these areas of ministry will operate differently and not exclusively in person at this time. 
Who is serving on the Task Force for Reopening?
Reopen 1
Elder for Worship and moderator of the Task Force.....................Mary Beichner
Elder for Discipleship, youth ministry..........................................Jay Joyner
Elder for Discipleship, children ministry.................................Dania Borowitz 
Medical Guidance and Expertise.................................Dr. Heather Gutekunst
Deacon for Hospitality and Welcome....................................Robin Hendricks
Elder for Facilities...................................................................Jim Wills
Insurance and Quality Control expertise........................................Amy Snow
Staff Participants......................................................Pastor Rebekah Maul
                                   Associate Pastor John Fawcett
                                   Director of Children, Family and Youth, Kathrine Peiper
                                   Youth Director: Janet Briley
                                   Director of Music Ministries: Kim Glasscock
Stay tuned for our Virtual Rally Day on September 13 when we will give you details on how to get involved with the many ministries and groups for our new ministry year, which kicks off in September!