Friday, January 7, 2022
Officer's Column
John spoke of his favorite season, the Epiphany season, this past Sunday, and his powerful words reminded me of an uplifting message shared by a church out of Harwich, MA during another dark period of time of time for our country.

“Epiphany, with its emphasis on a light shining in the darkness, reminds us that life continues on, that revelation and growth and new beginnings loom on the horizon, that new roads appear up ahead, new roads that will take us, if we choose to let them, into new adventures, new challenges, new opportunities to be the person God wants us to be. Epiphany reminds us that life continues on, even as one year ends and another begins.

As we embark on this new year, embodied so well in the spirit of Epiphany and the reality of life moving on, a fair question for us to ask is, “how can we move on?” The answer my be found in the refrain from an old church camp song I’ll bet many of you remember: “Rise and Shine.” They no longer have to live in darkness -- nor do we. Rise and shine, get up, begin again -- there is more to come! There are new roads to travel upon in this new year. But there are also powerful forces working against this directive. Apathy, lack of confidence, or physical or mental state, extreme caution or timidity -- all these tend to hold us back. Worse than any of these is fear — disabling, crippling, immobilizing fear.

Sometime in the early part of the nineteenth century, one dark winter night, a weary traveler came to the banks of the mighty Mississippi for the first time. There was no bridge in sight and ice covered the water as far as one could see. Could he dare cross over? Would the ice bear his weight? It was urgent he reach the other side, so finally, after much hesitation, and with fear and trembling, he began cautiously creeping on his hands and knees across the surface of the ice. By distributing his weight in this way, he hopped to prevent the ice from cracking beneath him. About half way across he heard a noise behind him, and he turned and looked to see a man driving a horse-drawn sleigh filled with coal, starting to cross the river. And here was the traveler on his hands and knees. The man, his horse, and his sleigh-full of coal dashed past him and out of sight, across the same river of ice on which he was creeping!

You and I are sometimes like that traveler, aren’t we? Fear, by whatever name we call it, can prevent us from doing so much. Cautiously, timidly, tremblingly, we venture forth upon God’s promises, as though the lightness of our step might make the promises more secure, yet at the same time, we doubt that they are true. God has promised to be with us -- believe this promise!

God has promised to uphold us no matter what -- believe this promise! God has promised to grant us victory over all our spiritual enemies -- believe this promise! God has promised to grant us full and free forgiveness of our sins through and because of Jesus Christ, our newborn Savior -- believe this promise! Don’t creep upon these promises as though they were too fragile to hold you up. Stand upon them, confident that God is as good as God’s word, and that our living, loving Lord will deliver them as promised. Maybe you’ve heard the expression: “even if you’re on the right track you’ll get run over if you just sit there!” It’s true! So, in this new year, let’s get up and get going. Let us rise and shine, knowing that it is God’s light that empowers the light within us.

Each of us has a new road ahead of us in the new year. It’s another road, a different road than any we’ve traveled on before. As we step off down that road, not knowing what we may find, not knowing exactly where we’re going, we can be comforted in knowing that for sure, the light goes with us, leading us, guiding us, showing us the way. God will be with us on our journeys down that new road ahead. Even now God is calling to each of us, whoever we are, whatever our circumstance, calling us to get up off our hands and knees, to stop creeping, and rise and shine, and continue on the journey, giving God our praise, and sharing the Good News with others along the way.”

Michael Williamson
Elder, Personnel
Worship at WFPC
Sundays at 9:00 a.m. (in-person) and 11:00 a.m. (in-person and online)
January 9
Our Scripture comes from Luke 9:1-2, 10-11. Our new Interim Pastor, Marguerite Sirrine, will share her first sermon at WFPC, "Kingdom Healing." To print an at-home bulletin, click here: January 9

Bulletins will be provided for those attending in-person. Masks are encouraged at 9:00 and mandatory at 11:00.

Our 11:00 a.m. worship service is livestreamed on our YouTube channel.
Fireside Fellowship
Wednesdays, 6:30-7:30, January 19 through March 23
Come one, come all to the beautiful, open field next to our preschool to enjoy some fires and spend time with your church family of all ages. We'll be staying warm these winter months while creatively making use of our campus to fellowship with one another. There will be one centering activity at the beginning of the fire for a couple of minutes, but these gatherings will have different aspects week to week. Sometimes it'll be s'mores (let's be real -- every time), games, intergenerational (friendly) competition, and faith discussions. All are invited. No reservation is necessary; just dress warm and bring a chair to sit in! Questions?
Welcoming Marguerite Sirrine!
Sunday, January 16 after 11:00 service
Join us after the 11:00 service on Sunday, January 16, for a reception to welcome Marguerite Sirrine as our Interim Pastor. Marguerite will deliver brief remarks about the purpose and objectives of the interim/transitional period at WFPC. We hope to see you there!
Officer Ordination/Installation
This Sunday, January 9, at our 11:00 service we will hold our Ordination and Installation of New Officers. The following members will begin their terms as officers of WFPC:

John Akerman for Elder of Generosity (3 years)
Joni Amerson for Elder of Worship and Music (3 years)
Norm Brown for Elder of Membership, Evangelism and Growth (3 years)
Seamus Duerr for Elder of IT/Communications (3 years)
Sharon Lineberry for Elder of Discipleship - Adult (1 year)
Dawn Myers for Elder of Discipleship - Youth (3 years)
Harold Panel for Elder of Personnel (3 years)
Kathy Tharrington for Elder of Mission and Outreach (3 years)

Karla Frye for Deacon of Welcome and Hospitality (3 years)
Mike Honkomp for Deacon of Fellowship and Events (3 years)
Traci Marchand for Deacon of Compassion and Encouragement (3 years)
Carol Noble for Deacon of Fellowship and Events (3 years)

Many thanks to this wonderful group of people willing to share their gifts and serve in leadership roles at Wake Forest Presbyterian Church!
Pancake Breakfast (Sponsored by WFPC Youth)
January 30, 8:15 - 11:15 a.m.
Mark your calendars for January 30 (snow date -- February 13) for our annual youth-sponsored Pancake Breakfast! Come to the CLC anytime between 8:15 a.m. and 11:15 a.m. for a delicious breakfast! All donations will go directly to youth missions and retreats. These experiences are life changing, and the youth appreciate your support so much! See you on the 30th! Both services will be in the sanctuary that day.
Mission and Outreach
Want to know more about Mission and Outreach at WFPC? Please contact Randy Parrish at or Kathy Tharrington at

Community Garden
Happy New Year! The garden has been growing ever more resplendent over the holidays. The broccoli and cabbage heads are robust, the cabbage collards have enormous green rosettes, and the Swiss chard is veined with neon colors. One variety of kale has expansive, serrated fronds and another grows in clumps of tall, skinny vertical leaves that look like green feathers adorning the rows. It’s a feast for the eyes and a meal for the hungry. There is more variability in the garden work schedule in the winter. Please text or email Pam Schulze if you would like to volunteer in the garden on Tuesday or Thursday mornings (919-522-3146,

WFPC Backpack Buddies
Mark your calendars for the next packing event to support our Backpack Buddies program scheduled for this Saturday, January 8, at 9:45 a.m. in the Red Mod. Please contact Heather Wheeler at for more information. 

Blood Drive February 6
It's important to remember the need for live-saving blood for patients suffering from illnesses and accidents unrelated to the COVID-19 pandemic. Blood transfusions save lives, and there is an urgent need for blood donations. Sign up to be a donor at our drive on Sunday, February 6, in the CLC. Pandemic precautions are in place, and we hope you will give serious consideration to making an appointment or volunteering. Call/Email Amanda McCabe 919-522-6571 or

Tri-Area Ministry
One way we reach out to our Wake Forest and surrounding community is through the collection of requested food and hygiene items, along with 12-count egg cartons for our local Tri-Area Ministry Food pantry. Collection and deliveries are handled by a team of volunteers who are organized by Armin Harrell. Please contact Armin at if you would like more information. Here is a link to the current list of requested items (no glass please): 
Children's Ministries
Alleluia Choir
Children's Choir rehearsals have resumed from 6:00 - 6:45 p.m. in the sanctuary. Children, please come in masks! If your child would like to participate and learn but you aren't comfortable yet with in person, we will have a Zoom meeting running for each rehearsal! Please contact Katherine to get a link to log into the meeting.

Club 4/5 Resumes Sunday, January 16!
We have a GREAT spring semester planned for Club 4/5, so plan to join us on January 16! 3:30 drop off, 4:30 pick up in the CLC!  An updated winter/spring calendar with field trips and special activities will go out next week!

Sunday School Resumes THIS SUNDAY! 
We have classes for kindergarten through 5th grade during our Sunday school hour, 10:00 - 10:50 a.m. Sunday mornings! Join us!

In hope and in love,
Katherine and Amy
Youth Ministries
Youth Group Is Back!!
Our normal youth group gatherings resume this Sunday, January 9! Middle school meets from 4:30 - 6:00 in the CLC; high school meets from 6:00 - 7:30, also in the CLC.
Youth Band Starts Back this Week Too!!
We will have youth band rehearsal from 7:30 - 8:30 Sunday in the CLC. We will be working on music in preparation for Youth Sunday. See you there!
Pancake Breakfast
The pancake breakfast is a favorite event of WFPC! Youth, advisors, and youth families help set up, cook, and serve a delicious pancake breakfast for our church family. We need help from everyone to make this youth fundraiser a success. Details will follow in the coming weeks in the weekly youth email. For now, please mark your calendars and get excited about helping with a super fun event! Our pancake breakfast will be on January 30 (snow date is February 13).

Janet Briley
Director of Youth Ministries
Tithes and Offerings
2021 Annual Budget................................$902,500.00
2021 Year-to-date Actual.........................$878,695.57

Year-to-date Budget (Nov).......................$816,750.00
Year-to-date Actual (Nov).........................$794,446.00

Dec 2021 Budget.................................$85,750.00
Dec MTD Offerings..............................$84,710.57
Dec Debt Elimination Budget...............$5,000.00
Dec MTD Debt Elim Gifts.....................$4,500.00

December 26, 2021
Tithes and Offerings..................................$32,426.40
Designated Gifts........................................$3,600.00
Debt Elimination Gifts................................$2,860.00

11:00 In-Person Worship Attendance......100
Online Worship Attendance.....................n/a
Sunday School........................................n/a
Prayer List
Please keep the following members of our church family in your prayers:
Jody Alston
Jennie Banco
Peyton Berger
Genie Hunt
Charlie Jones
Joan Jones
Don McCorkle
Peg Newsome
Ed Ray
Marcia Rhoten
Don and Sally Shupe
WFPC Calendar Highlights
Friday, January 7
6:15 am Son Risers Bible Study
9:30 am Naptime Bible Study

Saturday, January 8
8:00 am Iron Sharpens Iron
9:45 am Backpack Buddy Packing

Sunday, January 9
9:00 am Contemporary Worship
10:00 am Sunday School for all ages
11:00 am Traditional Worship
4:30 pm Middle School Youth Group
6:00 pm High School Youth Group
7:30 pm Youth Band

Monday, January 10
7:00 pm Boy Scouts

Tuesday, January 11
7:00 pm Praise Team Rehearsal
7:00 pm Stephen Ministry Meeting
7:00 pm WOW Bible Study

Wednesday, January 12
6:00 pm Children's Choir
6:30 pm Iron Sharpens Iron
7:00 pm Chancel Choir Rehearsal

Thursday, January 13
10:00 am Morning Glory Circle
5:45 pm Handbell Rehearsal
7:00 pm Diaconate Meeting