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For Friday, September 25, 2020
Officer's Column
While talking to His disciples, Jesus said,  "Be dressed ready for service and keep your lamps burning, like servants waiting for their master to return from a wedding banquet, so that when he comes and knocks they can immediately open the door for him."
Luke 12:35-36
I'm so grateful for this past Sunday. And I'm not talking about the weather, but no complaints there either. First off, there was a crowd of seekers safely streaming (is that a line from "Twelve Days of Christmas?") a beautiful worship service. Then the WFPC family participated in our first-ever virtual congregational meeting. What a blessing to see all of those smiles. Next, Julie and I zoomed with our friends from the Explorations discipleship class. It truly was a great start to the day.
Then Sunday afternoon, around 20 middle school youth met outside for fellowship and fun. It was the youth kickoff event for our Sunday youth group gatherings. Our theme is "A New Adventure." I can tell this is a great group and an adventure not to be missed if you are in middle school. Everybody wore masks and social distanced without complaining. It marked the beginning of some new friendships and an opportunity to smile at plenty of familiar friends. I had a big smile under my mask.
There are plenty of opportunities to engage and serve described in this newsletter and on the church web site. Virus or no virus, life happens. The only thing somebody cannot take away from you is how you respond to life. Complaining is a choice. So is gratitude. As I write this note, I am still so grateful for the attitudes of joy I experienced on Sunday. I'm grateful to God for my WFPC family. It doesn't matter if I see you on a screen or in the church parking lot.
Thank you to all the servants that contributed to making Sunday so special, and to those whose lamps are already burning getting ready for this Sunday.
Ray Wylie Hubbard sings, "And the days that I keep my gratitude higher than my expectations, well, I have really good days." Friends, Sunday was a really good day.
Gracious Father. Thank you for your mercy. Teach us to be grateful for the opportunities around us, instead of complaining about our unmet expectations. Amen
Jay Joyner
Discipleship Elder for (an awesome group of) Youth
A Note from Pastor Rebekah
Hello dear friends,

This week I want to share a prayer with you.  I used it in a worship service back in late March... and we continue in a world that, quite frankly, continues to be a mess.  The Good News is that as Christians, we know that we are a mess.  We're human, and God loves us anyway.  This prayer was crafted by Nadia Bolz-Weber, a very thoughtful Lutheran pastor.  When I rediscovered it this morning I said to myself:  "Self... this continues to touch my heart and spirit. I think I'll share it with my church family.  Pray it throughout these times.    We will open again, in such a way as not to endanger the health of our church family, but, we will reopen... hopefully sooner than later. I love you and miss you.

Dear God,
Some of us are exhausted by a constant stream of bad news.
Some of us are exhausted from the effort of trying to not freak out.
Some of us are exhausted by not knowing how we will pay rent.
Some of us are exhausted from the effort of trying to entertain, and educate, and feed and love children who are stuck at home.
Some of us are exhausted by the 13 hour shifts in a hospital we no longer recognize, working a job we are afraid might kill us.
Some of us showed up to this pandemic with pre-existing physical and mental health conditions that were already exhausting.
Some of us are exhausted by loneliness.
And some of us are exhausted by the effort of trying to make this all OK for everyone else.
Life is so strained and tender right now.
I know that not a single one of us is promised another day, God.  
But I guess I am asking for the strength for just the one we are in.
Give us today our daily strength.
Strength for today, and if you could spare it, bright hope for tomorrow.
In Jesus' name.  Amen.
Comments on Financial Giving
As you recall at the end of last year, I asked everyone to prayerfully consider making a financial commitment to three different areas in 2020.
  1. Tithe to the General Fund -- a tithe is 10% of your income. (If you weren't able to tithe, you were asked to pledge what you could, even if it is only a small amount).
  2. Endowment Fund -- make a one-time donation of $100.00
  3. Debt Elimination Fund -- make an additional donation of $25.00 per week over and above your tithe/pledge ($25.00 per week X 52 weeks = $1,300 for the entire year)
As a friendly reminder, if you have made a pledge to one or more of the above areas and haven't fulfilled your pledge, it is not too late. You can give online with a credit card, through bank draft or by mailing in a check directly to WFPC 12605 Capital Blvd Wake Forest 27587. If you have online banking, you can set up a recurring payment as well.

For online giving, either through the church website (top right-under GIVE); through Breeze (top row-More>Give Now) use the drop-down menu to select the appropriate fund. It would also be helpful to add a note in the comment section as well, especially if you are splitting up a payment into different accounts.

Regarding some recent comments and questions:
-if you set up a recurring payment through Breeze, the payment will continue until you go in and stop it. Breeze does not give you the option of setting up a defined number of payments, unfortunately.
        Stopping a Recurring Donation in Breeze
  1. Navigate to "More" > "Contributions" > "Online Giving."
  2. Towards the bottom of the page, you'll see the "Recurring" tab. Click on this tab.
  3. Search for the donation you'd like to modify and click the amount.
  4. Select "Stop Recurring Gift" at the bottom left of the Recurring Payment 
-WFPC is charged a fee for all credit/debit card payments. There is no fee for bank drafts.

-If you are an Amazon shopper (and who isn't these days), you can sign up for an AmazonSmile account and a portion (0.5%) of eligible purchases you make will be donated to Wake Forest Presbyterian Church. Go to or type AmazonSmile in the search bar on Amazon. Through August of this year, WFPC has received a total of $967.66 from AmazonSmile purchases made by our congregation. It only takes a couple of minutes and is free.

Looking ahead, we will be kicking off our countdown to Commitment Sunday (November 1) beginning next month. Of course, Commitment Sunday is when everyone will have the opportunity to commit a portion of your treasures you have been blessed with that are used to support the operational, discipleship and mission opportunities at Wake Forest Presbyterian Church in 2021. More to come very soon!
As the Elder for Generosity, I am very grateful to everyone who contributes not only their time and talents but their treasures as well. Thank you!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ed Pulliam (Elder-Finance) or me, and we will be glad to assist.
Marty Wakefield
Thanks, WFPC!
On behalf of the Keen family, I want to express our sincere thanks for what you all have done for our family and other persons living with ALS (PALS).

For the WFPC Session and the task force, your decision to allow RANDALL'S RALLIERS to schedule and host our 2020 Walk to Defeat ALS was bold and courageous. We were humbled by your trust in us to put forth an event which would show a focus on the health and safety of our team and guests.

We really appreciate the efforts of Jim Mather as he chronicled our event with his talented videography. He featured the many members of RANDALL'S RALLIERS who came to support us and successfully captured the spirit of the day.

To our WFPC family, you are absolutely wonderful. Thank you!! On September 12th, once again you showed up to support me and my family in such a passionate way. Your very generous donations will allow for more research for a cure for ALS. However, your physical presence on the beautiful WFPC campus for our walk made for a momentous experience. 
We are incredibly grateful to have each of you in our lives. Thank you!
Randall, Melinda, Samantha and Avery
"Leafing" Out in Love This Fall!
Are you ready for a new project to spread love in our community?  Well then, "LEAF" some love for a neighbor, starting here! Print the page from the link below, color it with love, and drop it in the large bin outside the main doors of the church.  It will be laminated and cut out, and when we have a good grouping of them, we will begin "leafing" love by flying our leaves out into our community!  Questions?  Contact Katherine Peiper (katherinepeiper@wakeforestpres.orgclick here for your leaf
Fall Ministry Guide
There is a lot going on this fall across all the ministries of WFPC!  Everything looks a little different than last year, so we've put together a comprehensive guide for you. If you did not get a Fall Ministry Guide (passed out at our Rally Day Drive-Through, Youth Kickoff, and SHINE Adventure), you can come up to church and pick one up anytime!  They are located in a plastic bin right outside the front doors of the church.  If you'd like to view it online, you can find it here: 2020 Fall Ministry Guide
Please join us in offering love and sympathy to Michael Chapman and family on the death of his father, John Michael Chapman, on September 19.
Mission and Outreach

Blood Drive October 4
If you have never tried blood donation, this is the time. The pandemic has resulted in cancelled blood drives and blood shortages throughout the country. The Blood Connection also offers free COVID-19 Antibody Testing for all donors, and results are made available seven business days after donation. We are pleased to be hosting our next blood drive on Sunday, October 4, with modifications to mitigate spread of the virus. If you feel called and are not considered high risk, we invite you to participate by donating blood or  volunteering. Call/Email Amanda McCabe 919-522-6671 or

Hurricane Recovery Efforts - Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA)
Many hurricanes have hit various parts of the Gulf and East Coast this year -- and there are ways to help those who have been impacted.  Stay tuned as information becomes available from the hard-hit areas as to what supplies they specifically need.  In the meantime, due to COVID, the best way to support PDA's efforts is through prayer and financial support that will be funneled to the areas in need.  Select "Presb. Disaster Aid" from the drop down menu of the "Give" section of the Wake Forest Pres website at:
CROP Walk - September 27!! Don't miss the chance!
What is the CROP Walk?  Check it out:
CROP Walk, Sept. 27th at Wake Forest Presbyterian!!
CROP Walk, Sept. 27th at Wake Forest Presbyterian!!

The CROP Walk is a great mission that helps bring the reality of global hunger to the surface. The rise of people impacted by these COVID times has only meant that food insecurity and meal insecurity are on the rise -- locally, nationally, and globally. Part of our call to discipleship is that we give and partner with those who have less access to food and the resources to get it. We can help make an impact on people's lives by participating! CROP will look different this year due to COVID. There won't be a centralized event for all the teams. The Wake Forest Presbyterian portion of the walk will be on our church campus with safety protocols in place. Go to the link below to sign up to be a walker and select Wake Forest Presbyterian Church as your team!  Oh, in case Fido asks -- dogs are welcome to join you on the walk!  Walk is from 1-3 pm.  We kindly ask walkers to dedicate 45 minutes to the walk, but they can also walk the full two hours!
Calling All Thusanang Donations
We are reaching our final week to collect your generous donations in support of Thusanang. This has been a long and productive avenue of giving to support brothers and sisters in Winterveldt, South Africa. Please prayerfully consider a financial gift to help us reach our goal of $2,000 and celebrate this successful partnership! You may donate online at by choosing Thusanang Care Group or mail in your donation to WFPC with a note "Thusanang." Thank you!  Questions?

Glory Tabernacle Food Pantry Project
We have all of our building permits, so we are ready to build!  We are looking for volunteers to help pour a concrete driveway and build a covered area to help Glory Tabernacle Food Pantry located at 120 Weathers St. in Youngsville.  We plan to start this project on October 2 and complete it by October 17.  No experience necessary!  The number of workers each day will be limited to no more than 10 and will follow best practices for social distancing while at the worksite.  Sign up for the dates and times that work best for you by using this link:  Contact Randy Parrish at  if you have any questions.

WFPC Backpack Buddies
The Backpack Buddies team is now helping children in our area by donating weekend meal bags to the Wake Forest Boys and Girls Club. This continues to be one way to address food insecurity for families with limited resources. Your ongoing support through financial donations can be made by mailing a check to Wake Forest Presbyterian church noted for Backpack Buddies. If you would like to volunteer your time to help with packing bags or meal drop-offs or would like to know other ways to support this mission, please contact Heather Wheeler at  These volunteer activities require an hour or less of your time. Thank you for your support!

Sweet Potato Harvest and WFPC Fall Garden Celebration October 10
Digging up beautiful potatoes like buried treasure, working with old and new friends in service of others, getting a chance to drive Larry's doesn't get better than our annual Sweet Potato Harvest at the Giving Garden! We are taking some extra safety precautions this year and being very intentional as we plan our morning harvest and an afternoon planting, so you will see a variety of signup slots and times on the link below. This is a very family-friendly workday. Please join us! 

Questions, suggestions:  Melanie Floyd,, 919-621-1405.

Community Spotlight
Interested in a Volunteer Position Done Remotely to Benefit Neighbors in Our Own Backyard?
ChurchNet is a group of 13 churches in Rolesville, Wake Forest, and Youngsville whose mission is to provide emergency financial assistance to help with utility costs and prescription medicine needs. Volunteers are trained through a mentorship with long-standing volunteers for a significant period of time. After talking with a client, a volunteer calls the utility, judges how much assistance ChurchNet can provide, and arranges for the payment to be sent directly to the utility. As utility companies resume disconnecting services for unpaid bills, ChurchNet anticipates a serious need for more volunteers. For more information, please contact ChurchNet at (919) 569-0020 or

For more information on any of our mission opportunities and where your support can make a difference, contact Sabrina Patton at or Randy Parrish
Prayer List
Please keep the following members of our church family in your prayers:
Jody Alston
Jennie Banco
Jean Futrell
Genie Hunt
Cindy & Jake Jacobsmeyer
Ruth Patterson
Don McCorkle
Ed Ray
Linda Roberson
Roy Wilson
If you have a prayer request, you may let us know online here
Children's Ministries News

Get Ready, Get Set.... COME ON OVER!!!   
We are GATHERING outside at WFPC for some FUN events in the coming weeks, so please please make plans to come, SEE one another, enjoy fellowship time together safely, and remember just how AWESOME our church family is!  

Sunday, September 27: Take-Out and Talking, 11:30 - 1:00
After you've finished virtual worship time, grab your favorite take out or pack a picnic lunch and blanket and gather outside on church grounds (field next to the Rose Garden) to just SEE one another and catch up a bit safely!   We will sit in family units and socially distance while we chat!  MASKS needed while not eating! 

Wednesday, September 30: SHINE Adventure, 5:00-6:00
Our Wednesday SHINE Adventures take us into our community garden!!  Mr. Larry Roper and Mrs. Melanie Floyd will be helping us learn how to care for God's creation, and tend a garden that feeds our neighbors in need through several food pantries!  Parents, come and watch (parents may wait in cars or stay and watch, but not drop off and leave) while our kids learn and grow along with our wonderful garden!!  Sign up below by clicking here!

Friday, October 2- FIRST FRIDAYS RETURNS! 
We are BACK for First Fridays, with a blow up movie screen (field next to the Rose Garden) and some outdoor family fun!  Bring lawn chairs, picnic blankets, a picnic supper, pjs, the works! Gather at 6 pm, family friendly movie begins at 6:30!  (We will provide pre-packaged desserts!) 

~Katherine Peiper, Director of Children, Family & Youth Ministries |
Youth Group
A BIG THANK YOU to everyone that helped make our first youth group gathering a success!! We will meet each Sunday -- for now, same time, same place! If you have not gotten a goody bag yet, make sure you grab one before you leave youth group this Sunday.  If you haven't turned in the three forms yet, please bring those with you as well. There was a hard copy of the forms in the goody bag, and an electronic copy was in last week's email. If you need that again, please let me know.   Also, if you haven't gotten your t-shirts yet, you can grab those next time you are at church as well!  We will see you this Sunday, September 27! Middle school meets from 4:00 - 5:00, and high school from 5:00 - 6:00. Feel free to arrive a few minutes early to get checked in so that we can start our time together on time and get a full hour together.  

Wednesday Night Gatherings Are Here!
It is time to kick off our Wednesday night youth gatherings!  There is something for everyone, and we can't wait to see you!  Here is what you need to know...
  • God's Girls -- for Middle School GIRLS only!!!  God's Girls will meet at the far end of the upper parking lot on the right as you come to the church.
  • Lil' Preach -- for Middle School BOYS only!!!  Lil' Preach will meet down the hill at the entrance to the CLC (Christian Life Center) - Enter the parking lot, turn left and then turn right and go down the hill.  
  • Movies & Missions -- for all High School youth!!!  Movies & Missions will meet in the circle at the front of the church. 
  • Each group will meet outside at church from 5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
  • Bring a chair and a water bottle
  • Wear your mask at all times
  • Use the restroom before you come
  • Come with an open heart and mind, and be ready to have FUN!!!
  • Mark your calendars for the meeting dates - September 23, October 7, October 21, November 4,and November 18.  Spring dates will be published at a later date.
Please read over the guidelines for on campus activities (included in last week's youth email).  If you feel sick or are experiencing symptoms, please stay home.  Get some rest and we will see you the next time. 

~Janet Briley, Director of Youth Ministries
September 27, 2020 Web Worship
We will go live at 10 AM on our Facebook page, 

Our Scripture comes from Matthew 16:13-23, and Pastor Rebekah Maul will share her sermon, "Breaking News."

You may print a bulletin to follow along at home by clicking here.

Our bookkeeper is on a well-earned vacation this week; numbers will be updated next week!

2020 Annual Budget$929,200.00
2020 Year-to-Date Actual$631,359.50

Year to Date Budget (August)
Year to Date Actual (August)

September Budget
September Tithes and Offerings (thru 9/20/20)$46,380.00

September 20, 2020
Tithes and Offerings (Mail/Online)$11,390.00
Designated Gifts $400.00
Debt Elimination Gifts$400.00
Web Worship Attendance (Facebook Views)480+
Sunday School Attendance443

Debt Elimination Monthly Budget
Debt Elimination Received (thru 9/20/20)$5,410.00

...all shall give as they are able, according to the blessing of the LORD your God that he has given you.
Deuteronomy 16:17
WFPC Calendar Highlights

Saturday, September 26
7:15 am  Iron Sharpens Iron at WFPC
8:00 am  Community Garden Workday at WFPC

Sunday, September 27
9:00 am   Adult Sunday School
10:00 am Worship Service online
11:00 am  Adult Sunday School
11:30 am Take-Out and Talking at WFPC
1:00 pm   CROP Walk at WFPC
3:00 pm   New Officer Training
4:00 pm   Middle School Youth Grouop
5:00 pm   High School Youth Group at WFPC

Monday, September 28
7:00 pm  Job not Job Study online
7:00 pm  Boy Scouts online

Tuesday, September 29
7:00 pm  Perspectives Book Group online

Wednesday, September 30
10:00 am Dementia Caregivers online
4:00 pm  GriefShare online
5:00 pm  Shine Adventures at WFPC
6:30 pm  Iron Sharpens Iron at WFPC
7:00 pm  Chancel Choir online
7:00 pm  Fathers Who Aren't in Heaven offsite

Thursday, October 1
7:00 pm  Ministry Team Night online

Friday, October 2
6:15 am  Friday Morning Men online
6:00 pm  First Friday for Families at WFPC
9:00 pm  NAPTIME group online

Visit for a full calendar, including all small groups!
Wake Forest Presbyterian Church
12605 Capital Blvd
Wake Forest, NC 27587