Wins aren't always related to Passage

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in successfully navigating the legislative process culminating with a bill being signed into law that we forget other accomplishments. Working to stop bills that will negatively impact municipalities is also a key role. It often involves more effort and certainly requires action from our members. With help from our members, the League blocked the following three bills from advancing:
Housing Bills Dead. Two housing package bills pushed by the Wisconsin Realtor's Association that flew through the Assembly did not make it onto the Senate's final calendar last week. The League worked hard to halt the fast-tracking of AB 608/SB 840, imposing one-size fits all zoning for workforce housing, and AB 610/SB 630, related to prohibiting certain property tax assessment practices. Thank you to all the mayors, managers, administrators, presidents, and members who contacted legislators. Together we were successful in stopping these proposals from becoming law!

EV Charging Bill Dead. What once was a good piece of legislation which the League supported, ended up with an amendment that excluded local government from participating in the EV infrastructure build out. It started as a bill that would allow the sale of power from EV charging infrastructure without categorizing the seller as a public utility in the state. Unfortunately the end result had all three local government groups (the League, Counties, and Towns) in opposition.

In a process move that is used infrequently, the Senate voted nonconcurrence last week on an Assembly amendment attached to SB 573. The move sent the bill back to the Assembly. While normally that move wouldn't kill a bill, that is the result this time, because the Assembly has adjourned for the session.

ACTION REQUESTED! During the summer months, as your legislators are back in their districts, PLEASE take some time to discuss why local governments need to be part of the EV charging infrastructure build out!