March 2014
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Government Accountability Board
Annual Meeting
Radisson Hotel, 5:30 social, 6:00 Dinner
League of Women Voters
              of the La Crosse Area
The President's Podium
Jane Klekamp, President, LWV of La Crosse Area

As I listened to a story on National Public Radio this week about perceptions of race, I couldn't help but wonder how many preconceived notions of gender effect outcomes for women in the workplace and in life in general.


The story on Morning Edition was based on the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (NLSY) which is conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Aliya Saperstein, along with Andrew Penner and Jessica Kizer looked at the long-term study and noted that twenty percent of the respondents in the NLSY survey experienced at least one change of race over time. During the interview, it was explained that one year a person would be perceived as white, but the next year the person's race would be changed to black. What the researchers found was that the changes in classification were actually not random. They were driven by changes in the people's life circumstances and common racial stereotypes.


The NPR interview noted if someone went from being employed to being unemployed, or being out of prison to being in prison, or being off welfare to being on welfare, the interviewer was more likely to see the person as black - after they experienced that sort of downward mobility - than before.


It reminded me the importance of being aware of our own thoughts, feelings, and prejudices - and the importance of treating people with dignity and respect.

National LWV Study of Agriculture 


There are many opportunities related to the League's National Agriculture Study:


Details about the March 11th Program: Farm Policy Affecting Farmers, Families and Communities can be found below in the newsletter. 



Brown Bag Lunch Program

March 18, 12:00-1:30

South Side Library

1307 S 16th Street


Darin Von Ruden, president of the Wisconsin Farmers Union, represents farmers primarily from small to medium sized farms. However, there are some farmers from larger corporate farms who are members of the union also.  Darin Von Ruden is an organic farmer from Westby.  He is actively involved in farm policy at the state and national level.



Brown Bag Lunch Program

April 7, 12:00-1:00

South Side Library

1307 S. 16th Street


Brad Pfaff is the Wisconsin Executive Director for the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  Brad will speak and answer questions about government policy and how it applies to Wisconsin.  Brad lives in the La Crosse area and works in the Madison office.  Prior to his current position, Brad served on the staff of U.S. Representative Ron Kind and U.S. Senator Herb Kohl.  He was also an elected member of the La Crosse County Board of Supervisors.  The eldest son of fourth generation western Wisconsin farmers, Brad has been an active participant in agriculture public policy for the majority of his career.



National LWV Study of Agriculture

The national LWV Agriculture Committee formulated very thought-provoking questions about the role of government in supporting and regulating agriculture.  The questions, background papers and suggested resource reading are on the league website,  The questions with links to specific resource reading related to each question can be found on the link  Each League will complete the Consensus questions as a group to determine if members agree, disagree or if there is no consensus.  Each league will then submit their league's responses to the national committee.   A position may be adopted by the national league based on the answers received.  An adopted position can be used as a basis for Leagues speaking on issues relating to the position.


The La Crosse League has scheduled opportunities to participate in answering the Agriculture Consensus Questions at noon April 14th and late afternoon/evening April 16th.   To participate, or to learn more, please contact Betty Kruck, 608-689-2222 or, or contact Ellen Rosborough,  Everyone is welcome to join in the discussion.  If you are not able to attend one of the consensus meetings, please contact Betty or Ellen so that you have an opportunity to contribute your perspective on the issues.

March Program: Farm Policy Affecting Farmers, Families, and Communities 

March 11, 11:30 lunch, 12:00 Program

Radisson Hotel


A panel presentation and discussion will kick off the local league's participation in the nationally adopted study of agriculture policy.  The March program features a panel that includes Karrie Jackelen, Congressional aide for Congressman Ron Kind, Steve Huntzicker, La Crosse County Agriculture Agent- UW-Extension Agent and Greg Yakle, District Conservationist- USDA/Natural Resource Conservation Service. 


The league study covers many questions of economic policy, animal and land management, research and development, food safety and food labeling.  The one hour program March 11 will just touch on some of these issues and some of the major issues of the recently adopted National Farm Bill.


RSVP:  By March 7th to Nancy Hill at or 782-1753 for the $12.00 luncheon at 11:30; the program at noon is free. 

April Program: Redistricting and Representative Government
!!!!Note change in time and location!!! 

April 8, 7:00 PM

Hall of Nations, UWL Centennial Hall


Professor Joe Heim, Tara Johnson, La Crosse County board Chairman, and State Representative Steve Doyle will serve on the panel discussing this topic.  Please note the time and location change from the league regularly scheduled monthly lunch meetings.

International Women's Day

On Thursday, March 6 an International Women's Day Program will be held at UW-L Centennial Hall, Hall of Nations.  Appetizers are served at 5 pm and the program begins at 5:30 pm. The event is free. 


Gina Yang-Laos, Lily Augustine-Pakistan, Clare Wright-Brazil and Busya Lugovia-Russia are panelists for the program.  


They will talk briefly about their experiences growing up in their country.  The program is sponsored by LWV La Crosse Area, AAUW La Crosse Branch, YWCA-La Crosse, Gundersen Global Partners, World Services of La Crosse, UW-L Ofice of International Education and UW-L Women's Gender, and Sexuality Studies Department.

March is Women's History Month 

Reprinted from the National LWV Newsletter

March marks Women's History Month. LWVUS will be blogging and sharing content on our social media channels throughout the month - we encourage state and local Leagues to share this content, including today's Facebook post on the anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court upholding the 19th amendment. Please send any photos from your League's activities celebrating Women's History Month to Stephanie Drahan ( We'll be compiling them into an album to share on Facebook towards the end of the month.Please also use this template press statement to mark Women's History Month with your local media outlets.

Voter Services
Ellen M. Frantz

The League is working with three groups to provide candidate forums: Holmen School District, 3/17; Trempealeau County for contested county supervisor races, 3/18; and possibly the Town of Campbell.  


Also still in the works is Vote411 a statewide website for the public to access for information on candidates.  Don't try it yet---more to follow.  It is a challenge to get all the information to input.  Thanks to all of you that are helping-it takes us all to get these things done!    

La Crosse LWV Delegation Attends Voter ID Oral Arguments at State Supreme Court

Betty Kruck

League members Nancy Hill, Margaret Wood, Ellen Rosborough, Cindy Walterhausen, Betty Kruck and a young AAUW Public Policy Intern (future attorney and/or political candidate) attended the Supreme Court Hearing on  February 25th.  It was quite exciting to actually sit in the Supreme Court Hearing Room in the state capitol to hear the presentations in the LWV Voter ID case.  Every Supreme Court Justice except one had questions for the Plaintiff and/or the Defense. 


Hearing the presentations from the Plaintiff and Defense, and hearing the questions from the Supreme Court Justices heightens the anticipation of the ruling on this case.  The League's case was well presented and appeared very strong.  I think we left the capitol feeling great pride in being  LWV members.


Photos by Nancy Hill

Nancy Hill, Gina Castro, Betty Kruck, Jill Billings, Margaret Wood, and Cindy Waltershausen pose for a photo in Madison while attending the oral arguments about Voter ID legislation at the Supreme Court on Tuesday, February 25, 2014. 

Seated in front of the La Crosse delegation is Melanie Ramey, the League's WI State President, and Andrea Kaminski, the League's Executive Director. 



For other Voting Rights related news, these come from the National LWV newsletter:


Voting Rights Act Fix Introduced in Congress! 
Representatives James Sensenbrenner (R-WI), John Conyers (D-MI), Bobby Scott (D-VA), John Lewis (D-GA), and Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-VT) have introduced common sense legislation that would repair and restore the Voting Rights Act. This bipartisan effort to fix the damage done by the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Shelby v. Holder is necessary to restore and protect the rights of voters across the country. Please urge your elected officials to support this important legislation and encourage them to act swiftly to move toward final passage.  Read the LWVUS press statement on the new bill and tailor this press template to use with media in your state and community.


LWV Wisconsin's Voter Photo ID Case is heard by their State Supreme Court
A member of the Wisconsin Supreme Court's conservative majority said she's troubled by the state's voter photo ID requirements, saying it's not fair that people who lack identification may have to pay for supporting documents to obtain it. The League of Women Voters of Wisconsin and the NAACP's Milwaukee branch have filed separate lawsuits challenging the state's voter photo ID law. LWVUS President Elisabeth MacNamara discussed the League's basis for the case on MSNBC.

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