Happy Full Moon into reassessing where your energy goes

Blessings Katherine,

Kati here, it has been sometime but I am grateful to share that I am currently back in the East Coast for a few weeks and if you follow me on Instagram (@JourneywithKati) you will see where the flow of my passion has taken me and whats to come. Now to touch on "Energy Leakage"

Katherine,, are you familiar with the term of leaking energy? This is definitely a big topic to dive into and I will touch on it here and especially within Today's IG LIVE at 2pm because this is also an area where we lose power. 

The past few weeks I have been sitting with the questions “where am I leaking Energy and/or am I entangled with other people’s energies & expectations that no longer serve a purpose? And Is there a balance of energy exchange or is it just one way? 

With this potent Full Moon Lunar Eclipse it has brought a wave of reflecting deeply within these areas and has me reassessing it all. It had me reviewing my subscriptions & memberships that I hardly used. And yes, that is a form of leaking energy aka currency. I noticed I held unto a membership that was about $99 a month and only accessed it 3 times this year. 

Then looking over my relations, from family commitments, friends & colleagues. Is there a balance? That’s when I found myself falling into a deep pause, realizing that I held unto relationships that were no longer growing. There was a pattern I found myself in, from me holding back from truly being able to be me. There was limitations, due to the expectations that they held of me and I would feel it energetically. That is when I knew I was being invited to really break out of this imbalance pattern. 

I touch on this a lot within my Holistic Mentorship containers, where we explore how we leave parts of ourselves within different events, relations and especially within the expectations that people have of us.

So I would like to invite you to begin to assess your energy: 

  • Does it sit within past events or a future that you desire? 
  • Are there relations that you hold that no longer serve the highest good for you and for them as well? 
  • Are there areas within your life that you hold commitments in, that others expect for you to fulfill but you no longer feel at peace with the arrangements?
  • Do you have subscriptions or memberships that you hardly ever use/access? 

Lets take the first steps into awareness by reassessing where does your energy go and feed into. And can you begin to let go the areas that create energy leakage and begin to call more of ourselves back in. (Will touch on this within today’s IG LIVE at 2pm

With Gratitude,

Kati Inez Mesa,

Founder of L.A.P Holistic Arts

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Thank you again, for allowing me to be a part of your Journey and for being a part of ours.

With Gratitude,

Kati Inez Mesa, Holistic Practitioner & Mentor

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