We are all works in progress at various stages of our own unique journey to become the best version of ourselves in every area of life. Lord knows I have definitely taken the road less traveled, breaking away from societal norms and of what my family expected or envisioned for me!

But I've always marched to the tune of my own drum and practiced what I preach. I've had a sense of my core values and vision, and listened to and trusted myself when making the biggest decisions throughout my adult life (deciding what to have from a dinner menu is another story!), and continue to learn and grow along the way, all of which I share with others through my work coaching, writing and speaking.

I didn’t always know what I was doing - and still don’t! - but I was OK with that, because as long as I heeded that inner voice and am working on the things that need to be internally healed and developed, I trust that I will ultimately find myself in the right place at the right time on any given day. And I also know there is no "ultimately," because this life is a journey until we take our last breath. This has been proven to me once again recently, in that it has become more and more evident how all of the choices I've made early on which seemed unusual or risky or nonsensical - and came with much sacrifice and mistakes - have landed me in a place where I am now set up to help others for precisely this moment in time, in a way that I could never have imagined.

Back in the 80's and 90's, there was no technology as it exists today, no one knew what "coaching" was outside the realm of sports, and personal growth etc. was often relegated to the "New Age" nascent movement. Fast forward to the 2020's and many of those "woo-woo" concepts are now considered mainstream, coaching is known as a consulting profession and accessible to the average joe, not just C-level executives, and technology has transformed the way we do business.

I had an "aha" about this fascinating timeline the other day, as more than half my clients are between the ages of 28-33. In other words, I could have never predicted when I graduated college that what I do for a living today would be to help babies around the world (I have clients in other countries) being born then get unstuck in their lives and become more aligned with their careers, saving them much grief, time and energy. This is especially significant since we don't have much time to waste - as these souls (many of you reading here!) in the early prime of adulthood are critical to the evolution and restructuring of our society as a whole. And because I have been doing this for 13+ years, I have mastered my craft to a certain level as to be more effective in 2021 than if they came to me in 2007. Amazing how the Universe sorts these things out, right?

But regardless of how old you are, you are who you are today for a reason and have a part to play in this extraordinary era in the history of our planet. Today’s PGG talks about trusting yourself in the unknown, keeping in mind that if a leap turns out to be "wrong" or you "fail" it’s OK, because the experience makes you stronger and provides more information about yourself, what you want or don’t want, and/or what patterns need breaking, and is an advancement for you and/or others - whether you are aware of what that advancement is at the time or not. It is all growth and growth is good. No matter what stage of your career or life, know that every day holds possibility for change, growth, healing and/or creating something new - should you decide that's what you want. Simply have faith in and hold the vision, put in the time, energy and attention towards it, and then allow things to unfold in time, and on time.

This week's Instagram post is an excerpt of an interview with a client I helped get unstuck, and today's PGG Video of the Week reminds you that you have a part to play in the future, and more of my thoughts about that topic and more can be heard in this podcast style interview with Rick Young of What's in Your Hand Radio Show.

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Big hug <3

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Leap of Faith
Originally published October 12, 2010

In the year 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue…Whether or not we approve of the outcome of that fateful voyage of the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria, we can all learn from Columbus’s extreme act of faith and belief in himself when he left to explore a New World despite all odds.

Albert Einstein believed in intuition and inspiration, saying “Imagination is more important than knowledge”. The greatest discoveries in the world are often based on hunches by people with a vision and certain knowingness, who then move forward with courage, determination and perseverance and set out to prove it.

People may think you’re crazy, want to dissuade you, say your theories are wrong; even those closest to you who have the very best of intentions can only project their version of the truth and what they think is right. But they simply may not understand, and at the end of the day, you must be the captain of your own ship.

Once you embark on that journey, you will always encounter stormy skies, dis-ease, and potential mutiny, whether from external sources and naysayers, or internal voices of doubt and despair trying to capsize what your heart and gut knows to be true. Your proof and evidence may not yet be in existence, but you must remain steady as she blows!

We each have an internal compass, our own North Star, which may very well lead us on a different path from everyone around us or society as a whole. We are all unique beings, so only you know what’s right for you and ultimately the direction you want to be going. And if you’re wrong or it doesn’t work out the way you planned, at least you will have tried and will learn and grow along the way. You may even find something better than what you originally envisioned

So if you need a little adjustment of your inner GPS, require an experienced cartographer, or just want some help handling what Mother Nature throws your way, give me a buzz and I’ll be the wind that gives lift to your sails, assists in navigating those uncharted waters and supports you in staying the course!

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