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                       March 2018  
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When designing bracing connections, have you been using a weld ductility factor on welds subjected to shear and transverse loads to allow for adequate redistribution of stresses? Although there have been multiple tests and papers showing the importance of this factor, some engineers are still unaware of its necessity which can result in underperforming bracing connections.  

In the February 2018 SEU presentation Introduction to the Design and Cost of Steel Seismic Connections - Braced Frames, Patrick Fortney, PhD, PE, SE, P.Eng., from the University of Cincinnati reviewed using the uniform force method in braced frame connections and covered the various strength and detailing requirements for braced frames and the associated costs. In his presentation, Pat walked through the design of seismic steel connections, which also included many important thoughts on braced connection design, in general.  

Pat specifically highlighted the importance of using a weld ductility factor of 1.25 to increase the load for which welds in all bracing connections subjected to shear and transverse loading. This weld ductility factor accounts for issues with proximity and distortion within the braced frame connection and is necessary to allow adequate force redistribution within the weld.. Pat referenced the 2004 paper by Hewitt and Thornton,  Rationale Behind and Proper Application Of the Ductility Factor for Bracing Connections Subjected to Shear and Transverse Loading, as a good resource to further understand the need for this ductility factor...    read the full article on our SE University blog.


Is your company looking to hire student interns? Connect with thousands of engineering students from the nation's top engineering universities through AISC's Student Internships webpage at Through this webpage, students can review available internships and link to appropriate company sites or contacts. AISC provides this as a free service to AISC members as well as the students searching for internships. 

Internships are a great way to invest in your company's future by attracting young, talented student engineers who may return as employees upon graduation. Offering internships can help foster connections with local universities and help your company invest in the next generation of engineers. If you would like to advertise your company's student internship, visit and complete the form "Post an Internship Opportunity" or contact AISC's University Programs team at should you have any additional questions.

SE University began the  SEU Speaker Inspires  program in 2015 as a way to "pay it forward," enabling our speakers to designate a charity/organization of their choice for SE University to make a donation to help improve our world. To learn more about the organizations that SE University speakers have chosen, please read our  SEU Speaker Inspires Blog Posts .

Patrick Fortney, PhD, PE, SE, P.Eng., University of Cincinnati
In January and February of 2018, SE University welcomed back Patrick Fortney, PhD, PE, SE, P.Eng, from the University of Cincinnati, to present Selecting the Appropriate Seismic System for Your Steel Project and Introduction to the Design and Cost of Steel Seismic Connections . In 2017, Patrick nominated Wounded Warrior Project ( for the SEU Speaker Inspires donation, and has chosen to do the same in 2018. 

Patrick previously shared why he chose the WWP: "The mission of the Wounded Warrior Project is to honor and empower wounded warriors who incurred a physical or mental injury, illnesses, or wound, co-incident to military service on or after September 11, 2001. As with most veterans, these veterans served our country not out of any political bent or personal goal; they made selfless commitments to protect and preserve the great freedoms that we as Americans enjoy and vowed to resist anyone acting to take our freedoms from us. 

The Wounded Warrior Project not only addresses the physical ailments of these veterans but, takes a holistic approach to helping veterans to once again acclimatize to their private and personal lives; addressing issues not only suffered by the veterans but, by their families as well. I encourage everyone to view the testimonials of the wounded veterans and their families to which this charity has served. We cannot overlook or underestimate the sacrifices made by our veterans."

David Odeh, SE, PE, SECB, F.SEI, F.ASCE, Odeh Engineers, Inc.
In March of 2018, SE University welcomed David Odeh, SE, PE, SECB, F.SEI, F.ASCE, from Odeh Engineers, Inc., to present Classical Design Methods. David nominated SEI Futures Fund ( for the SEU Speaker Inspires donation for this month. 

David shared about his involvement in SEI Futures Fund: "A few years ago, a group of leaders from SEI got together and created something we called the SEI Vision for the Future of Structural Engineering (, which is a strategy to promote leadership and innovation in our profession to make sure that in the future we are the creative leaders that are coming up with the solutions to the great problems that society faces like Urbanization, Climate Change, and Public Health.  

The SEI Futures Fund invests in new initiatives that are beyond the scope of the SEI budget, and it does things like fund young engineers and professionals to come to Structures Congress, participate in SEI Standards committees, and learn the leadership skills that will be needed to make sure our profession thrives in the future."

Thank you, Patrick and David, for helping structural engineers with your SE University sessions, and for your designations of the Wounded Warrior Project and SEI Futures Fund  as  SEU Speaker Inspires  Organizations!


As we finish the first quarter of 2018, we'd like to remind you that upcoming SE University sessions can be used to help you meet your continuing education requirements - start earning hours now to avoid the last minute rush (of course, if you find yourself needing last minute hours, we can help with recorded sessions from our SE University Session Archives).

If additional hours are needed, please contact Lisa Willard to discuss how we can help you. 

States with license renewals for all engineers on April 30th:

Hawaii (No continuing education required) 
New Jersey

States with license renewals for some engineers by April 30th :

Kansas (April 30th)
Louisiana (March 31st)

In addition to the states listed above, there are other states that may require renewal based on your initial date of licensure or other rules for that state. Please check your license information to confirm your renewal dates.   
For more information about license renewal, please visit our Continuing Education Requirements by State page, where you can click on states in which you are licensed to see the license renewal date, as well as the continuing education requirements for that state. If you would like a complete summary of all 50 states, a PDF file is available for download below the map. This option can also be selected if you are viewing the page from a mobile device.
We hope that you find this information beneficial. If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Willard.



On April 18th, we will be welcoming back Matthew R. Rechtien, PE, Senior Assistant City Attorney, City of Ann Arbor, to SE University to present Engineering Law and Ethics Case Studies. This session will be held from 12:30 - 1:30 pm EDT.

Note:  This session will be one hour, and will be one week later than usual due to NASCC.

Handouts and registration emails for this session will be sent to SE University companies on Friday, April 13th.


On May 9th, we will be welcoming Robert Kuserk, PE, from APA - The Engineered Wood Association, to SE University to present  Woof Framing: Best Practices to Avoid Callbacks . This session will be held from 12:30 - 2:00 pm EDT.

Handouts and registration emails for this session will be sent to SE University companies on Friday, May 4th.


On May 23th, we will be welcoming back Betsy Werra, from E.L.Werra Consulting, LLC, to SE University to present our  SEU BIM Forum: Tips & Tricks in Revit Structure . This session will be held from 12:30 - 1:30 pm EDT.

Handouts and registration emails for this session will be sent to SE University companies on Friday, May 18th.

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April 18, 2018

Engineering Law and Ethics Case Studies

Matthew Rechtien, PE
Senior Assistant City Attorney, City of Ann Arbor

This session will be one hour

May 9, 2018

Topic: Wood Framing: Best Practices to Avoid Callbacks

Robert Kuserk, PE
APA - The Engineered Wood Association

May 23, 2018

SEU BIM Forum: Tips and Tricks in Revit Structure

Betsy Werra
E.L. Werra Consulting

This session will be one hour

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