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                    November 2019  
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AISC's Steel Solutions Center frequently receives questions related to welding in situations that are not ordinary or where special fixes are needed after something has gone wrong. To address these questions and other welding dilemmas, special care was taken in Design Guide 21: Welded Connections (Second Edition) to expand upon Special Welding Applications. Enhanced since the First Edition, the Design Guide now includes a chapter on Problems and Fixes which addresses commonly encountered problems with practical advice to solve the issues.  

In the August 2019 SE University session, Duane Miller, PE, from The Lincoln Electric Company, presented Introducing Design Guide 21: Welded Connections (Second Edition). Duane covered some unique requirements for special welding applications, suggested potential solutions to frequently encountered problems associated with welded construction, and reviewed the approach used in AWS D1.1 to address unusual situations and the role of the EOR.  

Duane began by offering 10 tips to avoid pitfalls with welding on in-place embed plates as covered in Chapter 14.14 of Design Guide 21. Welding to in-place plates can cause cracking of the surrounding concrete due to expansion or distortion of the heated steel...  read the full article on our SE University blog.


Columns Common to Intersecting Frames
Columns Common to Intersecting Frames
In the immediate aftermath of the Northridge earthquake in 1994, steel buildings seemed to perform well. In the weeks to months following, however, extensive damage was found in special moment frame steel systems. As a result, FEMA allocated 10 million dollars to investigate, test and analyze materials, member connections, and structural systems in order to establish a better understanding of seismic structural systems, and recommend changes to building codes. 

In the September 2019 SE University session, James O. Malley, SE, from Degenkolb Engineers, presented Changes to the Seismic Design of Steel Buildings. Jim reviewed how the damage caused to steel moment frames during the Northridge earthquake led to major changes in the design of steel structures. Jim outlined the new overall design philosophy which aims to develop inelastic mechanisms within designated structural fuses to dissipate the majority of the earthquakes energy. Jim also covered how seismic design requirements aim to satisfy this new design philosophy for the various structural systems. 

During the session, Jim explained new language that was added in 2016 to AISC 341 in regard to columns that are common to intersecting frames...  read the full article on our SE University blog.
SE University began the  SEU Speaker Inspires  program in 2015 as a way to "pay it forward," enabling our speakers to designate a charity/organization of their choice for SE University to make a donation to help improve our world. To learn more about the organizations that SE University speakers have chosen, please read our  SEU Speaker Inspires Blog Posts .

In October 2019, SE University welcomed Bruce Brothersen, PE, SE, from Vulcraft, and Walter Worthley, PE, SE, from Valley Joist, to present Retrofitting of Existing Buildings with Steel Joists  
Bruce Brothersen, PE, SE, Vulcraft
Bruce designated City of Hope ( ) for one of the SEU Speaker Inspires donations for this month. 

Bruce shared: "Engineering is all about making the world better. Engineers are not alone in the pursuit. The City of Hope National Medical Center is making the world better through Cancer research, prevention and treatments. Just about everyone is effected by cancer, personally, family members or friends. We are honored to assist, in a small way, to give more hope to people effected by cancer."

Walt designated St. Jude Children's Research Hospital ( for one of the SEU Speaker Inspires donations for this month. 

Walt shared: "The St. Jude Children's Research Hospital continues to provide exceptional care for children with cancer. Their work in helping patients and families deal with this disease, as well as help to find cures, continues to be an inspiration to every life they touch." 

Thank you, Bruce and Walt, for helping structural engineers with your SE University session, and for your designations of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and City of Hope as our SEU Speaker Inspires Organizations of the Month!


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In addition to the states listed above, there are other states that may require renewal based on your initial date of licensure or other rules for that state. Please check your license information to confirm your renewal dates.   
For more information about license renewal, please visit our Continuing Education Requirements by State page, where you can click on states in which you are licensed to see the license renewal date, as well as the continuing education requirements for that state. If you would like a complete summary of all 50 states, a PDF file is available for download below the map. This option can also be selected if you are viewing the page from a mobile device.
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On December 11th , Anthony Fasano, PE, will present Developing Effective Communication Skills for Structural Engineers   for SE University . This session will be held from 12:30 - 1:30 pm EST.

Handouts and registration emails for this session will be sent to SE University companies on Friday, December 6th.


On January 8th, Doug Allen, PE, from Simspon StrongTie, will present Delegated Design: Addressing Potential Risks with Proper Project Management . This session will be held from 12:30 - 2:00 pm EST.

Handouts and registration emails for this session will be sent to SE University companies on Friday, January 3rd.

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December 11, 2019

Developing Effective Communication Skills for Structural Engineers

Anthony Fasano, PE
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January 8, 2020
Delegated Design: Assessing Potential Risks with Proper Project Management

Doug Allen, PE
Simpson StrongTie

February 12, 2020

Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Claire Gandee

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