October 2018
Finding independence
Christina first met Jayme, Thrive! Executive Director, when she was a youth in foster care.  

Years later, their connection once again shaped Christina’s life. A simple invitation to a Thrive! dinner opened the door to a better life for her and her two children. 

When Christina joined Thrive!, her children were in foster care, a situation she wanted to change.  Fast-forward 3-1/2 years: Christina is working full-time and has sole custody of her children. “I’m living near Lawrence and work in store operations at Fastenal,” explains Christina. “I am living paycheck to paycheck, but I am not depending on someone else. No IOUs!   
What does it mean to be an Ally?
The first book I read about becoming an Ally said that I would be changed by this experience and that I would probably be given more than I could give.  

This thought stayed with me. In my professional work as a nurse, I had been with persons from every economic group, from rich to poor. How could this be different? But it is.  

Eric Boyle of Homeboy Industries says, "We need to stand at the margins of society and discover, not our superiority but our own brokenness ... if we don't welcome our own wounds, we will despise the wounded." Instead of judging the poor, we need to stand in awe of how they carry it.  This is some of what being an Ally taught me.

So I challenge you to just do it. Thrive needs eight new Allies by December. Take the Ally training, and then two nights a month, put your personal worries aside and come to Thrive! Listen to a Leader's stories, his trials, her triumphs, and laugh and learn with our Thrive! community. It is worth it! 

— Debbie Evangelidis, former Ally and Thrive! board member.
Support Thrive! at the Young Trustees Chili Cook-Off
Sample more than 30 chili recipes, watch the K-State game, participate in a .5K race, and enjoy good company at Blue Earth Plaza on November 3 .

A team will be cooking for Thrive!, and our organization will receive $5 for every combo chili/.5K race ticket sold.

Come out and support Thrive! and the Young Trustees!