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With over 10,000 units installed, the applications for our thermal shut-off assemblies can be quite varied. Let's take a look at some common applications that you should see everyday. 

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Common Thermal Shut-off Applications
Refueling station
Diesel and Gasoline

Easily identifiable applications include: back-up g enerators of all sizes; key access points in a piping system; storage tanks; or refueling  stations. Valves can be ball or butterfly with a typical size range anywhere from 3/4" through 6".

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High pressure gas turbine
Natural Gas

Our thermal shut-off assemblies can be used as natural gas safety shut-offs on gas turbine applications or to shut-off the gas supply to a building. Typical sizes can range up to a 12" fire safe butterfly valve.

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Lubricant for EDM machine
Lubricants & Solvents

Today's industrial landscape includes all manner of flammable material. Any application that shuts down the feed from a tank with flammable material is ideal especially where hoses are involved. The thermal shut-off valves pictured to the right were installed after a fire investigation determined that the lubricants contributed to the fire. 
Alcohol tank
Food & Beverage

Applications at a food or beverage facility include placement on alcohol or phosphate tanks. There are also a number of high pressure and hydraulic applications to consider at food plants.  

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