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November 1, 2021
CARPLS is Grateful To Our Supporters!
Now that we're on a countdown to Thanksgiving, we're thinking about the immense gratitude we have for our community—especially for our clients—who help us remember everyday why we do what we do.

We came together on October 14, in person and virtually, for our annual Golden Gavel Celebration, which was an amazing night of old friends and new connections. Please take a moment to watch our event video, which includes speeches from Commissioner Bill Lowry and Bartlit Beck LLP's Sean Gallagher, as well as our inspirational client, Brittany Roberts.

Also at our event was Nick Seidel, a CARPLS Paralegal on our New Leaf project:

"I know firsthand how difficult it is and how challenging it is to navigate the justice system without any assistance. I know what it's like to feel hopeless and then to encounter somebody who can help you along."
Our staff and our partners understand that clients from all backgrounds need our help.

Your support at any level ensures that we can respond to those in need in Cook County and throughout Illinois.

Please consider donating today at
Celebrating Veterans Day:
Learn About Operation HerStory
On October 6, 2021, Operation HerStory flew 93 women veterans from Chicago to Washington, DC, including a tour around the city, as part of a historic all military women’s flight.

Operation HerStory (OHS), an inclusive organization with partners and team members from across all the generations of service and branches of military service, was created by Ginny Narsete, a retired U.S. Air Force Reserve Master Sergeant who served during the Vietnam War, and Elisabeth (Lis) Pennix, a Commander (CDR), Executive Officer, Appellate Judge in the Navy Marine Corps Court of Criminal Appeals (NMCCA), and Deputy General Counsel at Sloan.
Meet Two Of Our New CARPLS
Supervising Attorneys!
CARPLS is expanding our team more than ever to grow our existing and new projects and programs. Learn more about the work we’re doing for Spanish language services and for cannabis expungement through New Leaf Illinois.

CARPLS is proud to spotlight two of our programs/initiatives and looks forward to highlighting more in future issues.
Patricia Cintron-Bastin, CARPLS Supervising Attorney of Spanish Language Services and Paralegals

Patricia will supervise the delivery of legal services to the fastest growing segment of the Cook County client base: Latinx and Spanish-speaking clients. CARPLS' current strategic plan, including community outreach and the Latinx community, is a big part of that. Creating this new role shows CARPLS' commitment to this community.

"Patricia is going to be a great supervisor, with her many years of experience at CARPLS, her family law and public guardian expertise, her tireless service to our Spanish-speaking clients, and her very high standards for legal work and productivity."

-Pat Wrona, CARPLS Director of Legal Services
Peter Honigmann, CARPLS Supervising Attorney for New Leaf Illinois

As a supervising attorney for New Leaf, Peter will provide legal advice to clients and will also have a number of other duties that will include everything from overseeing the New Leaf staff attorneys and paralegals, to maintaining and updating our legal subjects related to cannabis, and contacting other local agencies and organizations that we hope will assist us in reaching more clients who need help with expunging their cannabis records.  

"Peter's excellent legal skills, great work ethic, calm manner and practical approach will greatly add to our supervisory capabilities.”

-Pat Wrona, CARPLS Director of Legal Services
Client In Domestic Violence Situation Receives Help From CARPLS
Anna called our hotline looking for help with a domestic violence.

A neighbor had been repeatedly harassing and stalking Anna, though she had an order of protection. She no longer felt safe and wanted to move, but the landlord refused to let her terminate the lease. The CARPLS attorney explained to the Anna that victims of domestic violence have the right, under certain conditions, to move out of their apartment and terminate the lease under the Illinois Safe Homes Act. The CARPLS attorney drafted Notice of Lease Termination under Safe Homes Act for Anna.

She said, "The attorney heard and understood my situation and helped me find a simple solution. She calmed my nerves down. I sure appreciate her! Thank you for helping me through this process."
Happy Veterans Day!
Stephen Paul, Staff Attorney at CARPLS, LTC(R), JAG, outlines why IL-AFLAN's services are so important.

What services are available to veterans and why/when should they choose IL-AFLAN? 

Veterans are eligible for legal telephone consultation so long as they live in Illinois or their legal issue is in Illinois. We provide the same areas of law coverage that CARPLS provides, but we also deal with strictly military issues like discharge upgrades, VA benefits and military records. As with any legal service, calling us when the problem is recognized is always better than waiting too long. The Illinois Armed Forces Legal Aid Network has a large group of legal and supportive service organizations who may be able to assist them further if that is needed.

What is the significance of Veterans Day?  

Veterans day celebrates ALL veterans. This is everyone who has ever served a day in the military. This day is the celebration of them and their families' sacrifice for our nation, past and present.

What do you want people to know about veterans as a community?  

The veteran community is diverse and very resilient. They are around us everywhere, often without notice and almost always trying to make their community better.

How is CARPLS assisting veterans in Cook County and throughout Illinois? 
I have found that the staff at CARPLS seems to look out closely for all of its clients. The ability to help veterans at different stages of what their current situation may be over the phone on a daily basis cannot be heralded enough! This service for a client in a time of need to pick up a phone and have someone who will listen to their issue and provide them their legal options along with a sympathetic ear is amazing.
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