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Delaware Memorial Bridge and Dongting Lake Bridge 
With the recent completion of bridge projects in Wilmington, Delaware, and Dongting, China, the list of bridges featuring D.S. Brown’s patented Cableguard™ Elastomeric Cable Wrap System continues to grow.

The Delaware Memorial Bridge is a nearly 10,800-foot twin suspension bridge crossing the Delaware River. Its longest span is 2,150 feet, and daily traffic is estimated at 90,000 vehicles. Between 2016 and 2017, approximately 16,400 feet of 21-inch diameter cable was wrapped with Cableguard™ to ensure long-term protection against corrosion.

The bridge over Dongting Lake is a major part of the highway section in Hunan Province. The two-way six-lane bridge is 2,390 meters long, with a main span of 1,480 meters, making it the longest steel girder suspension bridge in China. The bridge’s main cables were designed and made to fully support its 40,000-ton deck. These 35.6 inch-diameter cables were wrapped with Cableguard™ in 2017.  
Opening photo: Delaware Memorial Bridge. Above photos: Dongting Lake Bridge. Top photo of Dongting Lake Bridge photo credit: www.news.en.
Industry News
Graduating gas tax, Highway Trust Fund reforms, part of proposed House transportation bill
As reported in Better Roads : Pennsylvania Rep. Bill Shuster (R), chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, introduced a draft bill that suggests possible funding sources for the administration’s infrastructure plan, including levying taxes on multiple fuel sources.

The bill calls for federal investment in infrastructure projects and grant programs through at least 2021 and includes billions of dollars in grant funding and trillions in appropriations for projects of national significance, according to The Hill
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Product Focus
Cableguard™ Elastomeric Cable Wrap System
Cableguard™ is an environmentally safe, long-life elastomeric wrap that protects suspension and stayed bridge cables from corrosion and reduces maintenance expense.

This 2.3mm thick protective wrap completely encapsulates existing surface coatings without scraping, grinding or painting before installation.
The Cableguard™ Elastomeric Wrap System’s excellent UV and ozone resistance has been demonstrated on installations worldwide, confirming that Cableguard™ outperforms paint systems. 

Additionally, dehumidification of enclosed steel cables on suspension bridges is accepted and employed as an active corrosion protection method. When dehumidified air is injected into the cable, it absorbs trapped moisture. 
Top photo: Cableguard™ Elastomeric Wrap System, Bottom photo: dehumidification process.
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