September 4, 2015

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Gold Star Family Day is September 27, 2015. Our goal is to have as many communities as possible in each state support the families of our fallen heroes. There is power in numbers and together we can show Gold Star families that we are a grateful nation. Learn how you can host you own luminary event in our first article.

To see what else is new with the organization or to learn more about the Marine Corps, check out the rest of our articles. We hope you enjoy!

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Semper Fi Marine Families!
Learn How to Host Your Own 

"Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends." 
--John 15:13 (NIV)

We ask that you light a luminary on Gold Star Family Day. Please pledge your support of this special day and encourage your community to light luminaries, honoring members of all branches of the service, including those who have lost the fight after struggling to reintegrate into civilian life. Our goal is to have as many communities as possible in each state support the families of our fallen heroes. There is power in numbers and together we can show Gold Star families that we are a grateful nation.

How to Hold Your Own Event

If you would like to hold your own luminary event, you can choose to participate as an individual, you can invite friends, neighbors, and coworkers to be involved, or you can host an event on a community-wide scale. Church groups, book clubs, and student clubs are great ways to spread the word about your event.

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September is Suicide Prevention Month joins organizations across the country to recognize September as Suicide Prevention Month.

We have been in touch with far too many veterans and veteran families affected by suicide – from suicide attempt survivors to families mourning the unbearable loss of their loved one to suicide.

Our Marine Parents Founder said it best: “One suicide is too many. One more suicide is too late.”

Take time today to learn the signs of suicide risk and help spread the word about mental health resources. The Veterans Crisis Line reminds us in their Suicide Prevention Month material that one small act can make a big difference. We can work together to save lives.

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This Week in Marine Corps History: Lieutenant General Roy S. Geiger Attends Japanese Surrender to Allied Forces

Seventy years ago this week, on September 2, 1945, the Japanese Empire officially surrendered to Allied forces on board the battleship USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay, officially bringing World War II to an end.

With General Holland Smith having been transferred stateside in July of 1945, Lieutenant General Roy S. Geiger, who had succeeded Smith as Commanding General, Fleet Marine Force, Pacific, was chosen by Admiral Nimitz as the lone representative from the Marine Corps to attend the surrender ceremony.

*Image info: Lieutenant General Roy S. Geiger (USMC photo)
Marine Corps News: First African-American Marine Corps Aviator, General Dies
Frank E. Petersen, the first African-American Marine Corps Aviator and first African-American to achieve the rank of general, died last Tuesday, August 25, at the age of 83 at his home in Stensenville, Maryland.

Petersen, originally from Kansas, took, and aced, the Navy's entrance exam in June of 1950, and entered the service as a Seaman apprentice. The following year, motivated by the recent Korean War combat death of Jesse Brown, the Navy's first African-American aviator, Petersen entered the Naval Aviation Cadet Program.
After completing his flight training, Petersen was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Marine Corps.  He flew 64 combat missions in Korea in 1953 and earned the Distinguished Flying Cross, among other decorations.

Fifteen years later, in 1968, Petersen served a tour of duty in Vietnam,  where he commanded a tactical air squadron and served in more than 250 missions. While in Vietnam, Petersen received the Purple Heart for wounds suffered when he ejected after his plane was struck by anti-aircraft fire over the demilitarized zone. In total, Petersen logged more than 4,000 hours in fighter and attack aircraft. 

*Image info: Lieutenant General Frank E. Petersen Jr., the 1st African-American Marine Corps Aviator and the 1st African-American Marine Corps general, served during the Korean and Vietnam Wars. During his career, Petersen flew in more than 300 combat missions. (USMC photo)
Marine Corps News: Iwo Jima Marine, Negro and Major League Veteran, Celebrates 91st Birthday

Yesterday, September 3, marked the 91st birthday of William "Bill" Greason. 

Greason, who was born in 1924 and grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, across the street from Martin Luther King, who was a childhood playmate. After graduating from high school in 1943, Greason entered the military during the height of World War II and was among the first African-American Marine recruits, the  Montford Point Marines.

In 1945, Greason served on Iwo Jima, in what became one of the bloodiest battles of the war. After surviving Iwo Jima, Greason served 13 months of occupational duty in Japan following their surrender to the Allied forces in September of 1945.

Upon his return to the United States, Greason began a new career as a professional baseball player, which lasted for more than a decade, from 1947-1959. During his time in baseball, Greason pitched in the Negro Leagues, the Mexican League, the Cuban Winter League (notably competing against Fidel Castro), and, after returning from serving in the Korean War in 1954, he became the first African-American pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals in Major League Baseball.

*Image info: William "Bill" Greason pitching for the Birmingham Black Barons in 1951 (released).
Meet the Team: Kristi Wiley
Team Marine Parents™ (TMP) is a group of individuals, generally parents, family, and friends of Marines, who participate in athletic events nationwide to support our troops. The mission is to raise funds and awareness of the organization's outreach programs.  Currently, there are over 50 members of Team Marine Parents™ around the country.

This week's TMP featured partic ipant is a Marine supporter from Houston, Texas--Kristi Wiley.

While Kristi doesn't have a direct connection to the Marine Corps herself, she's passionate about supporting military service members and veterans, and wanted to combine that passion with her passion for running to raise money for the Warrior Support Team.

Kristi has already more than $100 more than her $500 goal, but will still graciously accept additional donations to her campaign.

Thanks for being a part of the team Kristi, and good luck in October!

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Marine Corps News: Ronda Rousey to Attend Marine Corps Ball
Last week, a video of Marine Lance Corporal Jarrod Haschert, 22, who is based out of Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, asking Ultimate Fighting Champion Ronda Rousey to accompany him to the Marine Corps Ball this November went viral. Earlier this week, Rousey said yes, on the conditions that he be find dates for her friends and acts like a gentleman. 

*Image info: U.S. Marine Jarrod Haschert
Operation PAL™

So far, we've sent approximately 98,200. We have less than two months to reach our goal, so we need your help!

These cards and letters may not seem like much to those of us on the outside looking in, but the recovering warriors who receive them, as well as those who are involved in their respective recovery processes, such as family members, volunteers, and medical professionals, will attest to the impact these cards and letters can have.

"Thank you for all the support and letters. Whenever I started to have a bad day I would open up a few I hadn't read yet. I am able to walk short distances without a cane, my endurance and balance are the problems now... but things continue to improve at a very fast rate. Thank you to anyone who helped with this, it has brought my spirits up and continues to help me heal."

-- A Marine in 2007

"I want to thank you all for the cards, letters and prayers. They made a difference in my recovery time. They helped me to work twice as hard. I am walking with a prosthetic leg and doing great...Please let everyone know how grateful I am. Everyone has lifted my spirits up so high. Thank you."

-- A Marine in 2011

"It is with all the support of the Operation PAL™ contributors that Dylan has done so well and we are forever grateful. God Bless you all. You'll never know just how significantly you all have impacted our lives. We can never adequately thank you all."

-- A proud Marine Mother

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MCRD San Diego Mailing Address Update

It has recently come to our attention that the mailing addresses listed on the MCRD San Diego website are incorrectly listed. 

Here are the correct street addresses for each company, followed by Midway Avenue. 

  • A: 40004
  • B: 39011
  • C: 40002
  • D: 40000
  • E: 38001
  • F: 36001
  • G: 35051
  • H: 37003
  • I: 39003
  • K: 38990
  • L: 39000
  • M: 39001
The zip code for all MCRD San Diego mailing addresses is  92140, followed by your recruit's four digit platoon number.
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