ICANNWiki Edit-a-thon: June 22 & 24, 11:30-13:00

Have you ever wanted to contribute to ICANNWiki, but felt the learning curve was too great? Join us before or after a session to participate in a little grassroots fun-- make your first edit, create your personal page or improve an existing one. 

We are now offering ICANNWiki t-shirts to those who participate in the event! Please RSVP on our site or through the Facebook event page with your preferred size!
We Asked, You Answered: Our Dyn Interview Topics

In preparation for our Dyn Interviews at ICANN 53, we sought out the topics readers care about most in hopes of making videos you'll care about.

As the chart to the right indicates, the IANA Transition is still a hot topic, particularly in the wake of President Fadi Chehad?'s announcement that he will conclude his tenure in 2016, much earlier than expected, leaving some to wonder how his departure will impact the change.

New gTLDs were the second most selected option for interview topics, and knowing ICANN attendees we won't find a shortage of domainers with insights into the new TLD landscape--its strengths and issues ahead.

We have a running start on interview topics, and we want to thank you, our readers for joining the conversation and helping us shape the content of our interviews. Look forward to interviews in both English and Spanish.
We'd like to introduce our newest Editor and Community Manager, Dustin Phillips.

Dustin comes to us with a degree in Political Science from Gonzaga University. He's a keen writer and researcher and we're excited to have him join our team. We know he'll help create content that is fresh and thorough.

Please say hello to him if you stop by our booth in Buenos Aires! 
What Are Our Partners Doing?

  • Shane Ryan, a Business Development Manager with Iron Mountain wrote an excellent breakdown of the current and upcoming landscape of new TLDs and why they're important to business and everyday end-users. You can read that post here.
  • The Argentine based Dominios Latinoamerica team is hard at work preparing for ICANN 53 in Buenos Aires. They are crafting resource-rich articles in order to orient first-time attendees. They've also completed an acronym list in Spanish, Portuguese and English--this will prove helpful to new and long-time attendees alike!
  • DotGreen got a major boost when General Motors became the first Fortune Company to use the .green extension at GeneralMotors.green. Congrats, DotGreen!
  • Allegravita recently published a report on the complexities facing domestic and foreign registries in China. This is excellent read for anyone interested in how the regulation of gTLDs plays out across the globe.
  Buenos Aires--Hasta Pronto! 

We are trying a few new things during this conference that we think will be fun and engaging. We hope that by expanding our interviews to include Spanish-speaking community experts we will deepen interactions between global stakeholders, during and after the conference. We wish for a conversation that extends beyond the usual suspects in the usual language. There are so many of us who have game-changing perspectives and knowledge that 
should be shared and strengthened.

To supplement our Edit-a-thon, we are providing helpful pamphlets, a how-to on our wiki. This pamphlet will be a tactile takeaway that you can use as a long time reference when updating ICANNWiki. 

As mentioned in our last newsletter, we are joining forces with Dominios Latinoamerica, a domaining and internet-related organization and website to make our shared presence at ICANN more welcoming and productive. We will be joined by Dominios Latinoamerica's Pepa Cena, an Argentine local and generally helpful person. Her presence also means that if you speak Spanish, we can talk! We're very excited to fully participate with the people who live and learn in Buenos Aires.

For our non-Argentine friends--don't forget to pay your reciprocity fee! :)

Cheers and Thanks for Reading,

Ray , Vivian ,   Jackie , and   Dustin
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