Dear Clinician,

Do you know some about mindfulness and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy but are unclear how to apply these into your work with individual clients ? MBCT is a groundbreaking integration of mindfulness concepts and practices and cognitive behavioral therapy. Originally developed as a group program to prevent depression relapse, it has become an essential core of concepts that can undergird and guide clinical work. Yet, understanding how to make the transition from knowing the concepts and practices to how to apply them in psychotherapy is not easily apparent, and what this workshop is all about.

In this two-day experiential workshop participants will learn the major concepts and practices of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). Information will be presented regarding how and why these concepts and practices affect mental health functioning and emotional well-being, with particular emphasis on the treatment of depression and anxiety.

Most importantly, participants will learn ways to integrate MBCT into their clinical work with individual clients. Experiential exercises will immerse participants in the learning, promoting first hand experience with these practices as well as how to incorporate them into their psychotherapy.