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How I Close 75 Transactions a Year Without Paying for Leads
March 13 (11:00 am to 12:00 pm) Eastern
Zoom Virtual Classroom; $30 - Complimentary recording included w/registration
Want to increase your business without buying leads from places like Zillow, Trulia and Hate cold calling and working expireds? As an introvert, having to pick up the phone and talk to a potential cold lead terrifies me. Rather I’ve built my $30M a year business in just 3 years without having to pay for leads, door knock, farm a neighborhood or cold call. During this presentation I’ll show you how to dramatically increase the number of transactions you close each year without spending a fortune on lead generation through 15 unique lead generation strategies. (Presented by Shay Hata, CRS - 1 hr real estate credit)

New Home-Construction and Buyer Representation - Professionals, Product, Process
March 14,15 (9:00 am - 12:30 pm both days) Eastern
Zoom Virtual Classroom; $130
This course will help real estate professionals gain the product and transaction knowledge needed in order to guide buyer-clients through the steps and processes for purchase, construction, and customization of a new home. You will learn how to interact with new-home builders and sales representatives to protect clients’ interests while developing productive business relationships. (Presented by Sandy Huwel, ABR, CRB, CRS, e-PRO, GREEN, SFR, RENE - 6.5 hrs real estate credit)
Learning objectives:

  • Know how to develop productive, mutually beneficial relationships with builders
  • Gain an appreciation for the business of new homes from the perspective of the builder and sales representative
  • Articulate the characteristics of new homes—from custom to spec construction
  • Assist clients in evaluating the pros and cons of purchasing new homes versus existing homes
  • Guide buyers through the purchase transaction for a new home
  • Help buyers understand new-home construction sales contracts
  • Successfully guide a client through the process and stages of building from contract to release
  • Articulate to a buyer the steps and considerations involved in building on an already owned lot and custom building
23 Financing Ideas to Assist Your Client in Purchasing Their Dream Home
March 21 (11:00 am - 1:00 pm) Eastern
Zoom Virtual Classroom; $36 - Complimentary recording included w/registration
Want to be better equipped with innovative ways to assist your clients with their home purchase? Come learn 23 under-utilized mortgage product ideas and tips including underserved markets, non-QM lending, specialty product lending and little-known lending tips for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and government lending. (Presented by Matthew Hemphill, VP Product Specialist at CMG Financial - 2 hrs real estate credit)

The Great Unveiling: Introducing Ohio REALTORS New Statewide Purchase Contract
March 22 (11:30 am - 1:00 pm) Eastern
Zoom Virtual Classroom; $30 - Complimentary recording included w/registration
The Ohio REALTORS Forms Committee has created a new statewide purchase contract incorporating best practices from around the state. This program will be an in-depth discussion of the contract and how it addresses purchase contract issues. Attendees will be educated on earnest money, prorated taxes, title insurance, closing, post-closing possession, owners association documents, and the importance of the contract’s adoption of “time is of the essence” language. (Presented by Jon Deegan, Esq., General Counsel, Howard Hanna Real Estate Services, Bill Fergus, Esq., Legal Services Partner/Attorney, Northwest Law, Stephen McCoy, Ohio REALTORS VP, Legal & Regulatory Affairs - 1.5 hrs real estate credit)

Seller Representative Specialist (SRS) Designation
March 23,24,27,28 (9:00 am - 12:15 pm each day) Eastern
Zoom Virtual Classroom; $295
Whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned veteran, the SRS Course will redefine your ‘normal’ and reinvent the way you represent sellers. Come learn tips and tools that will equip you to list in today’s marketplace! This course delivers a comprehensive foundation of skill development, training, and resources to help real estate professionals represent the interests of sellers.
Learning outcomes include:
  • Increase listings and grow your business
  • Demonstrate and communicate your value package
  • Understand and apply the Code of Ethics & Standards of Practice
  • Understand and comply with state license laws
  • Understand and apply methods, tools and techniques to provide support and services that sellers want and need
(Presented by Alec Hagerty, ABR, ABRM, BPOR, e-PRO, SFR, SRS - 12 hrs real estate credit)

Real Estate Professional Assistant
(REPA) Certificate
March 30,31-April 3,4 (9:00 am - 12:30 pm each day) Eastern
Zoom Virtual Classroom; $179
We’re excited to present the Real Estate Professional Assistant course, a certificate program designed for those who are currently working with a real estate professional or for those aspiring to work alongside a real estate agent or team in an administrative capacity. The Real Estate Professional Assistant certificate course will sharpen current and create new skills to assist the professional assistant in being an irreplaceable part of the agent’s business plan or team structure, and to help manage risk.
Students will:

  • Understand how to establish themselves as a business professional and “brand” as an assistant to a real estate agent or team.
  • Attain a solid understanding about the real estate industry, its operations and the skills necessary to be an invaluable support position to a real estate agent or team.
  • Attain an understanding of how successful agents or teams work with buyers and sellers and how an assistant taking this course can equip the agent or team to grow their business and serve their clients with a high level of professionalism.
  • Understand a broad spectrum of real estate technologies and build a tool kit to support the agent’s or team’s business.
  • Discover and understand contemporary and proven marketing techniques, tools and assets to run a successful marketing and branding plan on behalf of the agent or team.
  • Acquire the skills and knowledge to create engaging and meaningful resources to assist the agent or team with the preparation and execution of a Client Interview.
  • Understand how various tools and assets are used by an agent or team in the management of their business, including cloud-based computer systems, operation systems, marketing tools, and transactional management systems.
  • Understand the value of exceptional customer service, practices, and tools that support the client experience and to generate continued and new business opportunities for the agent or team.
  • Understand what a licensed and unlicensed assistant can and can’t do for an agent or team or in a real estate transaction.
  • Discover and understand the techniques and tools to successfully manage a real estate transaction from client interview to the end of the transaction.
  • Develop a successful strategy for engaging consumers after the transaction is closed.
  • Develop best practices and techniques for successful time management for both themselves and the agent or team.
  • Understand how to successfully interview, manage and work with vendors and service providers on behalf of the agent or team.
Whether you are licensed or unlicensed, all are welcome to attend and earn the REPA Certificate. 
(Presented by Dee Young - CE credit is not available for this course)

Pricing Strategy Advisor (PSA) Certification
April 5,6 (9:00 am - 12:15 pm each day) Eastern
Zoom Virtual Classroom; $130
Determining property values depends more than ever on professional expertise and competence, the best use of technology, and approaching the pricing assignment from various perspectives. Enhance your skills in pricing properties, creating CMAs, working with appraisers, and guiding clients through the anxieties and misperceptions they often have about home values with the PSA certification.
This certification will make you an invaluable resource for your clients by:
  • Creating Comparative Market Analyses (CMAs)
  • Determining the most appropriate comparable for a property
  • Collaborating with appraisers
  • Using the latest technology
  • Addressing home pricing misperceptions 
Determine a home pricing strategy with confidence. Learn the skills that result in accurate prices.
(Presented by Alec Hagerty, ABR, ABRM, BPOR, e-PRO, SFR, SRS - 6 hrs real estate credit and appraisal credit, elective for the ABR designation)
Developing and Analyzing Residential Market Conditions
April 11 (9:00 am - 12:45 pm) Eastern
Zoom Virtual Classroom; $75
The recent Seller’s Market experienced across the country presented unique challenges for residential appraisers. In many instances, the list price is regarded as the reserve for an auction and contract prices are consistently higher than the list price. Is this typical? In a Seller’s Market, the answer is Yes. This course will present methods and techniques for analyzing market conditions, provide insight as to why market conditions are of the utmost importance during extreme markets, and illustrate how to develop and support reasonable adjustment amounts during atypical markets.

This seminar provides an opportunity for residential appraisers to enhance their analytical skills by increasing their ability to recognize and apply Market Conditions in the appraisal process. Participants will gain a better understanding of how Market Conditions can impact the value opinion.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize the various factors which compose a proper Market Conditions Analysis
  • Demonstrate multiple methods for developing trend analysis
  • Recognize how and why Market Conditions impact value conclusions
(Presented by Jason Tillema, SRA, AI-RRS - 3.5 hours appraisal credit, 3.5 hours real estate credit)

Developing and Supporting Residential Appraisal Adjustments
April 12 (9:00 am - 12:45 pm) Eastern
Zoom Virtual Classroom; $75
Developing reasonable and supportable adjustment amounts has always been one of the key factors which separates an appraiser from others in the real estate profession. This course highlights some of the more common methods and illustrates ways to develop reasonable and supportable adjustment amounts in an efficient manner. This seminar is designed to help participants improve their abilities to develop and support reasonable, credible and supportable adjustments in the Sales Comparison Approach.
(Presented by Jason Tillema, SRA, AI-RRS - 3.5 hours appraisal credit, 3.5 hours real estate credit)

Win-Win or No Deal: Collaborative Negotiation Strategies
April 13 (12:00 pm - 1:00 pm) Eastern
Zoom Virtual Classroom; $30 - Complimentary recording included w/registration
In this program learn how to build an effective working relationship with the other agent in your transaction and put together a deal that "sticks." Leave the client and other agent with a positive experience, so they want to work with you in the future. Achieve a win-win outcome via the application of communication strategies and principled negotiation.

This program will instruct you to:

  • Differentiate between tangible and intangible benefits in a negotiation in order to add value without giving up what is most important to you and your client;
  • Identify five possible outcomes in a negotiation - when and how to seek each outcome;
  • Adopt the four collaborative negotiation principles that increase the likelihood of reaching a win-win deal;
  • Use language that promotes collaboration with the other negotiator.

(Presented by Evan Fuchs, ABR, AHWD, CRB, CRS, e-PRO, GRI, PSA, RENE, RSPS, SRS - 1-hour real estate credit)

Brokerage Management: Understanding Your Responsibilities
April 18 (9:00 am - 12:15 pm) Eastern
HYBRID Classroom - attend in-person or virtually; $65
@Ohio REALTORS, 200 E. Town St., Columbus, OH

As a broker or manager, it is more crucial than ever that you understand the duties in overseeing your brokerage activities. From trust account requirements to oversight of agents and teams, the license law now lays out 14 different areas of responsibility. This 3-hour livestream webinar will make sure that you have the information you need to stay on the right side of the Division of Real Estate. (Presented by Todd Book, Ohio REALTORS VP of Legal & Legislative Affairs and Stephen McCoy, Ohio REALTORS VP of Legal & Regulatory Affairs - 3 hrs broker/manager credit)

20-Hour Post Licensure for Salespeople
April 19,20,21,24,25 (9:00 am - 1:30 pm each day) Eastern
Zoom Virtual Classroom; $199
This course is required of all newly licensed salespeople and is to be completed within twelve months of the date you were licensed.
As you embark on your new career, it is important for you to understand fully the seriousness of the responsibility you accept when assisting others with real estate transactions. This class will serve as a foundation for the legal and ethical obligations you face. (Presented by Alec Hagerty, ABR, ABRM, BPOR, e-PRO, SFR, SRS - Not for ce credit)

West Central Association of REALTORS
Sustainability Summit
April 20 (8:00 am - 3:00 pm)
@Veterans Memorial Civic and Convention Center Lima, 7 Town Square, Lima, OH 45801
Ohio REALTORS is excited to co-sponsor the West Central Association of REALTORS Sustainability Summit, a collaborative event for elected officials, non-profits, REALTOR® members, investors and local businesses to raise awareness and engagement in community sustainability efforts.

Special Guests/Speakers

  • Mayor Sharetta Smith, Lima, OH
  • Mayor Steve Patterson, Athens, OH
  • Laura Kunkle, Executive Director, America in Bloom (AIB)
  • Steve Brown, Past President, NAR and OR
  • Lydia Archambo, Stormwater Coordinator, Allen Soil and Water Conservation District

Forefront Technology Summit
April 26 (9:00 am - 12:15 pm) Eastern
Zoom Virtual Classroom; $59; 3 hrs real estate credit
Ohio REALTORS Forefront Technology Summit brings together top real estate technology experts to examine the important trends impacting real estate.
We’re excited to welcome the following speakers to this year’s summit:
Emerging Tech and Strategic Trends You Must Know
9:00 am – 10:00 am
Speaker: Dave Conroy, NAR Director of Emerging Technology
The Tech Effect: 5 Unmet Consumer Expectations
10:00 am – 11:00 am
Speaker: Chris Linsell, Senior Real Estate Writer & Coach
The Future of Real Estate Technology: AI, Big Data, Blockchain, NextGen Homes, iBuyers, & More!
11:15 am – 12:15 pm
Speaker: Craig Grant, CEO, Real Estate Technology Institute

Military Relocation Professional (MRP) Certification
April 27,28 (9:00 am - 12:15 pm each day) Eastern
Zoom Virtual Classroom; $130
When military staff and their families relocate, the services of a real estate professional who understands their needs and timetables makes the transfer easier, faster, and less stressful. The Military Relocation Professional (MRP) certification course teaches you about working with current and former military service members to find the housing solutions that best suit their needs and take full advantage of military benefits and support.
Learn how to provide the real estate services—at any stage in the service member’s military career—that meet the needs of this niche market and win future referrals. Hone in your knowledge and skills for working with active duty military buyers and sellers, as well as veterans with the NAR’s Military Relocation Professional Certification. (Presented by Paul Wyman, 6 hrs real estate credit)

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