July 2017 Edition
Learn More About Our UPVC Series Filter Housings
Delta Pure's PCV-5 Series UPVC housings provide compatability with water and a wide array of chemicals without the corrosion and expense of metallic filter housings. 

Here you can download the PCV-5 and PHF High Flow Filter Housing datasheets and learn more about these amazing products!

>>Download the PCV-5 datasheet here

>>Download the PHF High Flow Filter Housings datasheet here 
Housings from Delta Pure Filtration

Would you like to know one of the best kept secrets in filtration?

Delta Pure Filtration is a great source for filter housings and we have a large inventory ready to ship!

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Star Crimp:
Extended Crimped Metallic Core for String Wound Filters

Extended cores are traditionally used for double-open-end style filters when filter users wish to eliminate the use of a housing "V-post". V-posts serve to hold filters upright and straight in a filter housing but can sometimes create difficulties for operators during installation and removal of the filters. In such situations filter users will remove the housing V-posts and opt to use filters with extended crimped cores.

F eatured P rodu ct :
EcoWound™ Produced-Water Filters

Energy producers have long relied upon string wound filters to maximize production, protect producing and disposal formations, extend injection well performance, comply with environmental regulations, and prevent equipment from fouling.
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HC - High Capacity- Wound Filter Cartridges 


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