Learn how to practice mind/body healing with self-hypnosis.
A Brief Guide to Self-Hypnosis
All it takes is five simple steps for
you to gain the skills you desire
to improve your life.
Learn Self-Hypnosis
Explore the immense power of your subconscious mind.

This seminar will introduce the use
of self-hypnosis skills and explore
a range of approaches for self-development, relaxation and

Find out how techniques of self-hypnosis can be used for stress release and relaxation, improving confidence, overcoming procrastination, and
achieving goals.

With clear instructions every step of
the way, you will be helped to relax
deeply as you practice the simple,
yet powerful, techniques of

In this pleasant, day-dreamy state,
your mind is receptive to the positive suggestions you craft for your
desired outcomes.

This approach is based upon natural,
safe, established hypnotic principles.
Facilitated by Kathryn McGlynn,
Certified Hypnotist.

Tickets: $25.00

Date: Thur Oct 29
Time: 7:00 - 8:00 pm

This is a 1 hour virtual seminar
on Zoom.

Preregistration and prepayment
are required.

To register, click on the Paypal button
HERE to pay.

Indicate you are registering for
the Self-Hypnosis seminar.

After payment is received, your
Zoom link and seminar materials
will be emailed to you.

The seminar will be recorded.

If you are unable to attend, register
anyway and you'll receive the class recording, mp3 and class materials.

Questions? Contact Kathryn:
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To Your Very Good Health -


If you desire to create
a new reality, your choices
must change to facilitate this.
What choices are you willing
to STOP making, and what
choices are you willing to
START making to create
the reality that you desire?

~ Jennifer Longmore
 Spiritual Development Trainer
Kathryn McGlynn Hypnosis | 781-340-2146 | ybglum@juno.com | www.hypnosis.ws